Barbara Drizin, educator, traveler, mother of 4, bubbie to 13

Day after thanksgiving 2015. Conversation with Barbara Drizin, age 78, about growing up as a woman in the 1950s, marrying at age 21, finding true love, raising kids in the burbs, and having 13 grandchildren.

Marielle Verano and Aimee Fritsch

Marielle Verano (23) talks to her roommate and friend, Aimee Fritsch (22) about growing up as a filipino catholic in the bay area, attending World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and how doing service work in St. Paul...

Veteran Experience

This interview is about a experience from a war veteran.

Debi Smulyan and Nick Meyers

One Small Step participants Debi Smulyan (69) and Nick Meyers (56) discuss their upbringings in Oakland, CA and Erie, PA, respectively. They discuss how their upbringings affect their current political views and talk about the education system and the two-party...

Victoria Shaw and Oscar Martinez

Colleagues Victoria Shaw (52) and Oscar Martinez (62) discuss Oscar's military service in the Air Force, his time as a narcotics police officer, and his childhood memories of growing up in Texas.

Cyrill Siewert: Words Can’t Capture It All

In this interview I interview my father figure to dig into his past to reveal who he was as a child and what he would think of who he’s become.

My Mom; Growing up in American Society with a Hispanic Culture

My mom, Ali and I, Charlotte had a conversation regarding her emigration to America from Spain, stereotypes placed on her as a person who is not perceived as a person who can speak spanish fluently, as well as the traditions...

Meet the student with international friends

Get to know Madi Tatyrek and hear her story of her trip to Spain. Madi spent three weeks with a host family learning their language, adjusting to their customs and making new friends.

John Alexander and Olivia Pedersen

Friends and former colleagues John "Mark" Alexander (52) and Olivia Pedersen (65) discuss teaching, how they became educators, and how learning more about racial equity and justice affected their teaching.