Thanksgiving Listen 2018

This interview was a conversation with my uncle on Thanksgiving 2018, recorded in Gray, Maine. We talked about his travelling and how that has impacted his worldview on history. We talked about his trip to Berlin and Western Europe during...

A chat with Brianna Carleton

We really hit on a lot of topics, mostly just to have this memory of us together to listen to later in life.

Interview with My Dad (Jasinski 10z)

We talked about my dad’s life from when he was a kid to when he was an adult. We also talked about some of his favorite memories with me.

Memere and Pepere- heart of kindness

My 13 year old daughter Annabella interviews her great Memere and Pepere and chooses questions to ask about acts of kindness, and what they are grateful for.

Immigration Interview Project

A Interview with Wilfrid Chaloux on his immigration from Canada

Hunter and Josh Take the World

Hunter Chasse tells me about his relationship with his cousin, Josh.

Izzy & Méme

Izzy and Méme discuss Izzy’s father (Méme’s son) childhood.

Interviewing my Dad

Erik Bergeron, interviewed on January 12, 2019, is a loving man. His career is working as a loan officer. His nickname was Berge because it was short for Bergeron. He grew up in Sanford, Maine, and played basketball there. He...

Brandon Smith interviews grandmother, Elizabeth Smith.

Brandon and his Grandmother, Betsy, discuss happy moments, past relationships, life advice, and attempt to pin down the complicated persona of Betsy Smith.

Oh boi. It’s dat boi Steven
November 22, 2017 App Interview

I talked with my grandpa Lee Steven Pemberton

Roomie talks

Courtney talks to me about love, life and her future. Like a coming of age story.