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Melissa Bent and Michael Phelan

Spouses Melissa Bent [no age given] and Michael Phelan [no age given] tell the story of how they met in the art world, their journey moving to and living in Marfa, Texas, and the reasons they stay in Marfa.

Paula Froehle and Todd Ferguson

Fiances Paula Froehle (58) and Jason Todd Ferguson (46) come together to share a conversation about their relationship, love after divorce, and how they support one another, particularly how Todd supported Paula through the end of her mother's battle with...

Kim Thornsburg and Shira Smillie

Kim Thornsburg (72) tells his new friend and StoryCorps facilitator Shira Smillie (26) about the Marfa lights, his experience with UFOs, and his reflections on truth.

Lizette Rohana and Diana [No Name Given]

Best friends and soul sisters Lizette "Liz" Rohana (38) and Diana [No Name Given] (34) share a conversation about their friendship, their Lebanese roots, and their deep love for one another.

Amy Fields and Jenn Studebaker

Colleagues and friends Amy Fields (48) and Jenn Studebaker (40) discuss their work with Sunshine House, Inc., finding community in West Texas, and their passion for the work they do.

Scott Méxcal and Erin Shigaki

Friends Scott Méxcal (41) and Erin Shigaki (53) discuss the Big Bend National Park area, cultural similarities, and their desire to make the world around them better.

Allison Scott and Martha Stafford

Sisters Allison Scott (66) and Martha Stafford (60) discuss their father being convicted of sexual assault and the effect that it had on their family.

Gretel Enck and Mario [No Name Given]

Gretel Enck (54) interviews her colleague Mario [No Name Given] (79) about his early life, his time in the military, and his role in the Blackwell School Alliance.

Teresa Evan and Sarah Mohamed – West Texas Inspirations in the Time of Covid December 5, 2020

The interview which took place December 5, 2020, is with Sarah Evan Mohamed, age 26, and her mom Teresa Claire Evan, age 58. Sarah went to Marfa, TX for a solo weekend to reflect and relax. Her mother, a nurse...

Colin Waters and Seph Itz

Friends Colin Waters (55) and Seph Itz [no age given] share a conversation about community and the arts in Marfa, Texas, and elsewhere in the world. They also reflect on the affordability of the area and how to create a...

Lexie Shaffer and Nastya Svilpova

Friends Lexie Shaffer (27) and Nastya Svilpova (25) come together to ask each other questions about friendship, community, and life.

Mike Gaglio and RubyAnn Gaglio

Mike Gaglio (47) interviews his wife, RubyAnn Gaglio (51), about her desire to be a philanthropist since she was a little girl, her work as a conservationist and master naturalist, and the lessons she learned from her grandfather.

Taryn Tipton and Daniel Gertson

Recording the day after their wedding in Marfa, Texas, Taryn Tipton (33) and her new husband Daniel Gertson (42) reflect on the joy of their wedding ceremony and the love they have for each other. They also remember their first...