Interview With my Dad on the Paradox of Progress

My dad and I have a discussion on the progress of the world that quickly details into a discussion on the progress of design and cars.

Bryce Hayes-TLU SID

Bryce Hayes is one of the youngest Sports Information and Marketing Directors in the entire country, who currently is working at Texas Lutheran University down in Seguin Tx. We discussed topics such as his upbringing from Memphis, starting his own...


I interviewed my grandmother, Barbara Card, about her life and her preferences.

My moms Veronica Raynor

My mom talks about her past life and the knowledge that she has taken from her past mentors

Michael Harvey and Andrew Perkel

One Small Step partners Michael Harvey (48) and Andrew Perkel (62) have a conversation about the war on drugs, the assumptions they came in with about each other, and having progressive views in policing.

Daddy daughter talks

In this interview it was more of let’s get to know my dad better now since I have grown as a person. Even though we talk all the time I got to see a different side of him.

A Great but Pressured Childhood

A summary of this interview is that college isn’t for everyone you can go make a living and become an entrepreneur and many more occupations if you have the right mindset without a college degree. Although you shouldn’t have any...

My Grandmother’s Adventurous Lifestyle

This interview was about my grandmother, Pearline Washburn’s childhood memories leading up to her memories now. It tells a story about how courageous and true she is in her life.

Dwania Kyles and Diane Bezucha

Dwania Kyles (67) speaks with conversation partner Diane Bezucha (39) about her experience as a member of the the Memphis 13-- the inaugural class of first graders to desegregate schools in Memphis, TN. Dwania reflects on the work of her...

Great Thanksgiving Listen 2019: Mr. and Mrs. Doring

My History class was assigned to interview a relative for the Great Thanksgiving Listen, so I decided to ask my grandparents some questions about their lives.

Darrell Cobbins and Angela Copeland

Darrell Cobbins (46) talks with his friend Angela Copeland (40) about his childhood and life in Memphis, his family's roots and influences in the community, his own work in community based youth leadership, and his commitment to the future of...

Interview with Ba

In this interview I sat down with my grandmother and asked her questions about her life when she was young. Although some of the things I asked her I have already known, I found out some things that I had...