Spears family culture

We talked about family culture. Mainly about my moms side where they focused on a lot of cars.

9-11. The day it happened.

The topic that we talked about was the attack of 9-11. We talked about how my mothers day went and the feelings she and others had while she watched this even on television

Morgan McCullough talks about her childhood.

This interview is for an assignment in my interpersonal communications class. I interviewed my 42 year old cousin, Morgan McCullough, about her childhood.

Lindsey and Joseph discuss sustainable changes in Ann Arbor
January 31, 2022 App Interview

A conversation about how one neighborhood came together as a community to fight climate change. A shift to electric vehicles, solar power, alternative lawns, local shops, and the importance of education and fighting social barriers.

Riding on the Tandem with Grandma

Tyler days that his best childhood memory is riding on the tandem with Grandma and getting McDonald’s pancake platter.

Ada Mae Eikhoff, Carl Eikhoff, and Sean Eikhoff

Ada Mae Eikhoff 100 speaks with her son Carl Eikhoff 73 and her grandson Sean Eikhoff 23 about her life over the last 100 years

Emma and I

Emma shared with me a little more background info in her childhood.

Gabriel DellaVecchia and Adil Mohammed

Gabriel DellaVecchia (40) talks with his friend Adil Mohammed (58) about Gabriel's history and the origins of his interest in travel, his awareness of cultures outside his own, being a teacher, meeting his wife, and the volunteer work they do...

Liz and Kim discuss local food

CSA’s that didn’t go according to plan and the benefits of the local food system beyond that of the actual food.

Marney and David discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Marney and David speak on the importance of community togetherness when it comes to dealing with the climate crisis. Through envisioning the future, behavior changes, and open conversations climate goals can be achieved.

The Story of Us; DCP-HW Year 1

Our experiences here at Distinctive College Prep 1st year. How our students have grown and blossomed this school year.

Marya McCarroll's Test Interview for the Great Thanksgiving Listen 2021

In this test recording, Dr. Marya McCarroll, an instructor at Eastern Michigan University, in Ypsilanti, MI, records a practice audio file for the 2021 pilot of the Great Thanksgiving Listen. Dr. McCarroll is an adjunct lecturer and is teaching Psychology...

The Life of a Firefighter and Dad

My dad, Rob, has been a firefighter and paramedic in Riverview, MI for 28 years and my dad for 22! These are some of his stories about his job and a little bit about his childhood and parenting.

Childhood of Erica Wilson

I sat down and talked with Erica Wilson about her childhood.

Catherine and Grace discuss local food

I sat down with my roommate Catherine to discuss her family’s relationship with local food and her thoughts about the importance of eating locally in promoting sustainability.

Talking with my Nana about family loss, her life, happy times, and her memories of me

In this interview, made in December 2019 in Flint, Michigan, I, Zion Thomas (15) interviewed my Nana Joe Jackson (69). This interview ranges from the topics of coping with the recent passing of family to some of my Nana’s happiest...

Reflecting on EAS 561
April 25, 2022 App Interview

In this interview, Anjali reflects on her time in the Psychology for Environmental Stewardship course at University of Michigan.