Recording – 11-26-2023 16:20:41

Jose (18) and Ariadna (18) who are a couple talked about their relationship and answered questions they had for each other.

David to David, Father to Son. (Ms. Cortez period 4)

This interview is a part of the Great Thanksgiving Listen. This interview features a father and son, both named David, going over some important parts of their lives. This interview is mostly about family, life experiences, and life in general.

Seung Ja Lee, Geung Goo Lee, and John Lillig

John Lillig (45) interviews his parents-in-law Seung Ja Lee (70) and Geung Goo Lee (74) about being born in South Korea, immigrating to Germany, and eventually settling in the U.S. Other topics discussed were family, golf, and travel throughout the...

Joe Davis and Barbara Davis

Siblings, Barbara Davis (61) and Joe Davis (54), reminisce about their childhood in Miami, FL, tell stories about their family traditions, and reflect on how their parents helped shape who they are today.

Thanksgiving Interview

this interview I ask my grandmother who was visiting from Colombia about her life. Her full name is Gladys Del Carmen Martinez Rojas and she is mostly known in the family by her nickname Flores (Flower). She was born in...

Mona Sand and Claire Sand

Mona Sand (97) talks with her daughter Claire Sand (55) about growing up in Manasquan, NJ, and living in Miami, FL for most of her life. She talks about her late husband, Norman, and becoming a mother and a grandmother...

Your Love for Food

The interview was made by Valeria Giron who’s 20 years old to her boyfriend Pedro Gonzalez who is 23 years old. During the interview it was discussed what food meant to him and how his beliefs about food impact their...

Jacqueline Van Meter and Daniel Sanabria

Jacqueline Van Meter (35) and cousin Daniel Sanabria (38) remember their holidays in Miami, the trips and memories they shared with their late grandmother, and how their relationship has evolved to what it is now.

Joelys Perez Interview IDH 3034

20 year-old Ryan Buxeda is being interviewed by Joelys Perez both FIU students for a Honors College class in regards to Food impact. The interview focuses on the relationship to food in our life and how we became friends as...

Interview a community member copy 2
October 25, 2023 App Interview

In this video I interviewed my friend Alexa who regularly volunteers at feeding south florida.

Life During the Pandemic: Nova Brown

After living through a pandemic since March 2020, five people share their unique experiences and how the COVID-19 outbreak has affected their lifestyle, mental health, physical health, views, etc. Recorded on August 29, 2020

Moralities and Beliefs

This is an interview about Lorenzo’s beliefs, memories, and plans for the future. This includes stories about family memories and reasons why you shouldn’t be inferior to anyone in high school. And reasons to be recognized and view as a...

Interviewing my grandma
December 3, 2018 App Interview

I was interviewing my grandma and I asked her very important questions on her past and the present.

Maria Trzcinski and Megan Murray

Maria Duyos Trzcinski (66) talks to her daughter, Megan Murray (30) about her teenage years in Cuba when Fidel Castro came to power. She shares the struggles her family went through after applying to leave the country, and she remembers...

Kim Pham and Julie Pham

Daughter, Julie Pham (36) interviews her father, Kim Pham (65) about his life prior to the Fall of Saigon, his time in the Re-education Camps, and his journey to the United States.

My sis in law

My sis in law life and struggles of her life. She has been through a lot this year.

Meaningful Meal Interview
September 28, 2023 App Interview

In this recording, I interviewed my baby brother to get his hot takes on food. My name is Elianyi Pimentel (19 y/o) and his is Jeffrey Pimentel (9 y/o).

Conversation with Mami

Sabrina (20) interviews her mom Cristy (55) where she shared her stories in the kitchen and some memories from when she started learning how to cook. Getting to talk about the relationship that food has between two people and getting...

Milton Jones, Barbara Jones, Monica Jones, and Marcia Jones

Spouses Milton Jones (73) and Barbara Jones (72), tell their two daughters, Monica Jones (47) and Marcia Jones (42), about how they fell in love and their lives together through 52 years of marriage.

Life During the Pandemic: Irene Morales

After living through a pandemic since March 2020, five people share their unique experiences and how the COVID-19 outbreak has affected their lifestyle, mental health, physical health, views, etc. August 29, 2020

Jeanne DuPont and Eve Mosher

Jeanne DuPont (46) talks with friend, Eve Mosher (45), about founding the Rockaway Waterfront Alliance and her work to build a community center. EM talks about her art project called "High Water Line" and their combined effort to educate about...