Sandra Halvorson and Natasha Herring

Natasha Herring (47) interviews her conversation partner Sandra "Sandy" Halvorson [no age given] about her experience getting into contact with her biological parents and how being adopted has impacted her sense of identity.

future November 17

Dahel Gonzalez and exhales eshnaur we’re both 14 and we talked about our future and what she want to be when she’s older

Steve Desroches and Rod Vaughan

Steve Desroches (47) and Rod Vaughan (50) talk about Vaughan's background in opera performance and blue grass music, particularly as a banjo player, and how that morphed into the unusual band the Electric Milk Machine in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Terry Hampton and C Toney Aid

Friends, C. Toney Aid (71) and Terry Hampton (61), share a conversation about the life of artist, L. L. Broadfoot, as well as how Broadfoot's artwork depicting 19th and early 20th-century Ozarkians came to reside at the Harlin Museum in...

Grandpa Tommy

This interview is about my great grandpas life and the struggles that he went through to become as successful as he is. The great things that he has went through in life and all of the things he had to...

Carson Rhodes 2021

These are a few questions that myself, Sean Sullivan, asked Carson Rhodes. We did this to learn how to use the app.

Reflections from my mother

My mom and I talked about her life so far and how her job and life influences her everyday life

The great Thanksgiving listen

In this interview on November 2018 in farmington, missouri Angie Pyatt(51) gets interviewed by Gage Pyatt(16) about her child hood and some memories she had growing up. She shares the many jobs she had growing up and which one she...

Lindsey Dumas-Bell, Eviann Dumas, and xocean dumas

Siblings, Lindsey Dumas-Bell (47), Eviann "Evie" Dumas (42), and xocean dumas (41), share a conversation about their family's adventures, including a tumultuous whitewater rafting excursion, parasailing in the Bahamas, and running into celebrities in San Francisco.

Maiki Albert Interviews Dave Tio.

Maiki Albert and Dave Tio are Chuukese cousins living in Neosho Mo. In the interview they talk about what Dave likes to do for Thanksgiving. They did their interview on december 1 2021 in Neosho Mo.

Kristin Wheeler and Antonio Kotoni

Kristin Wheeler (31) interviews her mentee Antonio Kotoni (23) about people who are important to him, his parents immigrating from Albania to Greece, immigrating to the United States at eleven years old, and adjusting to life in the United States.

Bess Glastris and George Glastris

Bess Glastris (87) talks to her son George Glastris (47) about various members of her Greek family.

brown, Jude (thanksgiving interview 11/27/23)

Jude(14) and kate(19) brother and sister show how college life has affected her career and everything else.

The thanksgiving listen!AGP

Me and my grandmother talked about her favorite memories of her childhood and of me!

Terre Kovarik Armstrong and Katrina Kovarik Stevens

Sisters Katrina "Trina" Kovarik Stevens (63) and Terre Kovarik Armstrong (65) discuss their family's transition from Washington D. C. to Lebanon, Missouri in the 1970s and share how they acclimated to their new home.