Alana Ramadan and Carol Johnson

One Small Step conversation partners Alana Ramadan (60) and Carol Johnson (80) talk about their childhood and family backgrounds, their relationship to their faith and spirituality, their political beliefs, and the future of the United States.

John Downs Interview

We visited about John’s childhood, parenting, special people in his life, military service and his faith.

Thanksgiving 2019

We talked about Grandpa’s early childhood and life story.

Embracing Differences

Talking to Diana about her culture and the challenges of attending a university in the Midwest.

Stories from Vi Peterson

I talked with my grandma mainly about her childhood and the past.

Pandemic Interview

This is an interview with my father, a medical doctor working during the covid 19 pandemic.

Jovan’s Mom

Jovan Gorman-Carter talking about what he loves about his mom, Tracy Gorman.

Grandpa Interview

In this interview, conducted in Andover, MN, Trea Houska (14) interviews her grandpa, Bob Houska (84) about his life growing up in a small town in northern Minnesota. Bob talks about his favorite hobbies as a child during the Great...

Furnace winner interview

Radio interview with Community Hero winner

Interview with Carol Daur

Carol Daur age 90 Jim Vogt (nephew) age 62 Lance Daur (son) age 54 Discussed Carol's childhood and life.

Finding Meaning in Work and Life: Interview with Kevin Winge
September 12, 2018 App Interview

Interview with Kevin Winge of Minnesota discussing his many years working within the non-profit sector across various issues such as AIDS, HIV, food security, and about what inspires him to continue working.

Anne Sanderson and Emily Sanderson

Emily Sanderson (28) interviews her grandmother Anne Rae Sanderson (83) about her life, family, and about the things that make her proud. The two reflect on the love their family has for each other and how impactful they have been...

MLC as a Carribean Islander/City Dweller Hybrid

We discussed Braxton's childhood, cultural identity, schooling, and process of deciding what he would do with his life.

Alex, CK, and Chura talk about support systems

This Spring 2019 LPP trio discuss who they go to for personal support during stressful times. Cultural ideals of support are also discussed.

Interview with a Friend

In this interview, I am interviewing a special friend of mine. Throughout the interview, Angelina provides insights of her childhood and how it made who she is today.

Perspective from the other side of the world

Peter explained the difficulties of moving from China to America during his high school and college years. Although there were difficulties, Peter also tell about the many blessings that came from coming to America.

Facing Alcoholic Parents

I’m this interview we discussed life growing up with an alcoholic parent, and what that can do. We also discussed how Morgan has set goals and how she has had success even with her childhood.

Dick Selissen, Coast Guard Lighthouse Keeper

Dick Selissen, Coast Guard Lighthouse Keeper and Chief Officer at the Two Harbors Lighthouse in the 1960's discusses his daily life as a keeper and the importance of lighthouses in keeping ships safe.

Interviewing Dena

In our interview, we talk about my Mom's childhood, where she grew up, and things she is proud of.