The House on the Hill #mwsueng100

My Father talking about his experience building the house we built.

Covid-19 talk

Me and my dad talk about the about the of covid-19

Jan Roddy

Jan whose been a member of Christ Church for 25 years, shares her story as an artist and person of faith.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

My grandmother and I talked about her childhood and the holiday season.

Interview with my Mama!

My 81 year old mom and I sat down to talk about life. A few tears later, this is our interview.

Mary Beth Hollenbach and Rebecca Ray

Mary Beth Hollenbach (59) talks with friend and Rebecca Ray (47) about her unexpected, but incredibly fulfilling job as librarian. She recalls some of the most memorable moments she's had as a librarian and explains why she loves her job.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Got to interview my mom for a project I'm doing! Happy late Thanksgiving and happy fall! (The photo was taken by my dad)

I didn’t know you as well as I want to.

Best friends conversation about past present and future.

Dylan Fritz speaks to his great-grandmother about ancestry, memories, and the Roman Catholic Women Priest Movement.

This interview was conducted on the 4th of January, 2021 in St. Louis, MO. Dylan Fritz (16) interviews his great-grandmother Elsie McGrath (82) over the phone. Elsie talks about her ancestry, childhood, the effects of the 2020 pandemic on her,...

Thanksgiving with Great Grandma

I interviewed my 90 year old great grandmother, Margaret Combs who grew up in Marquand, Missouri.

The Wise Words of Doctor Stuerman

This interview is between my grandfather and I. He talks about his childhood experiences and his work as a doctor. He gives multiple good life lessons and his take on the world. He also adds comedy to his meaningful stories...