The 1950s: What was Taught, What was Learned, and What was Known

We discussed what my Nana learned in her history classes, and what was taught about society in general. We specifically mentioned gender inequality and women’s rights, as well as what was expected in regards to segregation.

Child Driver

When my dad was about 3, he got control of my Grandmothers car when she was inside a store.

Grandma Thanksgiving interview
November 26, 2017 App Interview

A little bit about my grandma’s history even things I didn’t know.

I fell in a bucket of crabs

My mother, Joy Blue, grew up in a unique Alabama city called Mobile. She made many memories and lifelong friends, as well as learned values. Growing up in such a fun city has lead her to be the person she...

History Interveiw

This interview was a brief summary of a few questions that I thought would be interesting to ask my dad about.