Brady Sih and his mother, Gerimae Sih, talking about her family history

Brady Sih (52) talks with his mom, Gerimae Sih (77), about her childhood and her parents family and siblings growing up as first generation families in America: 2022-10-29 16:24:10

Julio & Jessica

an interview about my brother and I, our past, our future and our deepest thoughts.

I love my life

A daughter interviews her Dad about his childhood, debating politics with his dad, when he became a hippy, hitchiking through Europe, discovering the rennaissance faire, and how he met my mom.

A talk with grandma

In this interview i asked about my mothers mothers life as a young child till now.

The Great Listen

I am adrian Espinoza age 17 years old and Sergio Espinoza is 36 years old our relationship is uncle and nephew, father and son adopted. Topics we have discussed was how was life like for him, What were his good...

Matthew Jauch and Rebecca Jauch

Matthew Jauch (46) sits down with his wife Rebecca Jauch (42) to discuss their time working in various US Embassies around the world. The two reflect on their marriage together, spanning from their first meeting in an elevator in Vienna...

Life and work at IBM

Larry Wheaton speaks about the highlights of his career.

Interview with Claudia Alfaro

We talk about how Claudia came to the US and how it was difficult to adjust to the culture and language. We also discussed her journey as a kid who lived in downtown Los Angeles. Also, what she does for...

Anne & Jay Cobb’s 60th Wedding Anniversary: Sept 2019

How Anne & Jay Cobb met, fell in love and were married 60 years ago. The qualities that they value in each other. Their advice to others for a successful marriage.

Alex Mozes and Rosie Campagna

One Small Step conversation partners Alex Mozes (43) and Rosie Campagna (45) consider political parties, changing views and the bubbles we find ourselves in, questioning as a means of understanding and coming to one's views, distrust and conspiracy theories, the...

“Gratitude never gets us in trouble.”

I'm not proud of anything I've done," Paulist Father Tom Hall told the crowd gathered at his retirement party after 30 years as a Navy chaplain. He says that the room was silent. "I'm just overwhelmed with gratitude. Pride--no. There's...

Interviewing My Father: Laurence Verga

We talked about mostly his childhood up to when he went to college.

Angela Meyers and Allison Cleveland

Allison Leigh Cleveland (61) tells her colleague Angela Meyers (42) about her experiences in the army during the Cold War doing military intelligence and guard duty in Germany. She also describes witnessing the fall of the Berlin Wall on her...