Mom and me interview

I interviewed my mom, who’s real name is Kristie Simon. She’s 41 years old. We talked about her parents, story’s, ect.

Thanks Giving interview (with my Father)
November 26, 2022 App Interview

I thought it was very fun to learn more about my dad. I also thought it was fun to learn some about my grandpa.

My sisters life and experiences

In this interview, conducted on November 26 2018 in Flushing, New York, Steven Zheng (15) interviews his sister Helen Zheng (19) about her life experiences and struggles. My sister shared with me her lifetime stories about school and how she...

Interveiw with my mom

I interview my mom about her life and parenting.

My Interview with my uncle Touraj Ardakani(work in progress, I forgot to add a picture)

I'm talking with my 66 year old uncle who came to america at the age of 21 about his experience adjusting to life.

Sommers- Fran

We talked about her life and what she was like growing up. There are many more questions as well.

Grandma interview-cazandra

It was basically talking about her life and how she went about it

My Uncle tells us his funny stories

Andrew Venuto asked his uncle to get interviewed and he did. He asked him a series of questions and his uncle had funny and interesting answers. He found out a lot more about him and his childhood and how he...

Interview with my GRANDMA :)

I interviewed my grandma who is about 21 years old  we discussed how it was like for her growing up and how her life was like. I learned a lot about how she wants to be remembered.

interviewing my dad

I interviewed my dad due to all the knowledge that I have yet to learn about him and our family.

interview with my mamaw
November 30, 2022 App Interview

this interview was with me and my mamaw (Melissa tabor) I’m 16, Melissa is 54 and it’s about me and my mamaws relationship and how she defeated cancer

Interview with my mom

Interview with my mom in nj when she is 45 and i am 15. We talked about what it was like being a parent.

My interview with Alba (exchange student)

Answer to the question : "Which social media do you use the most?"

Best mom ever

I asked my mom some questions about me and when I was a child

My Momma and her past.

Listen to my mom and I have a good time listening to stories about part of her past.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Got to interview my mom for a project I'm doing! Happy late Thanksgiving and happy fall! (The photo was taken by my dad)

SPH 106 StoryCorps Assignment

My mom (48) and I (18) talk about favorite memories and impactful life lessons that we should take to heart