Perspectives: Fred Bailey

Born Black and blind, proud American, state of Black people, not believing in racism, not using his blinds as an excuse, Not being called an "African American" , Black Economic Group.

Sasha Thompson and her grandmother Shirley Hamilton talk about how her childhood was like in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

In this interview, made in November 2021 in Nashville, Tennessee, Sasha Thompson (12) interviews her grandmother Shirley Hamilton (80) about some of her childhood in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Shirley shares her most important people in her life and the worst thing...

Halle’s Interview

Everything. Anti-blackness, racism, BLM, compassion, empathy. Being raised a black woman in a wealthy, white, Southern community. A lot more.

Interview: Dr Steve Cloyd

We discussed Dr. Steve Cloyd’s child life, about his parents, school, etc. We also discussed historical events that have happened in his lifetime.

Andrella Kenner and Kiplyn Primus

Kiplyn Primus (60) has a conversation with fellow Atlanta Business League member Andrella Kenner (67). Andrella shares how she came to found CI² Aviation, Inc., the nation’s only minority owned, woman owned, small and disadvantaged business engaged in providing air...

Interview with my 96-year-old grandmother, Laura.

My grandmother, Laura, grew up in Haiti and moved to the United States when she was 26. In this first part of our interview she discusses what it was like growing up in Haiti, why she left Haiti, and talks...

Judith Bentley and Laura Mayo

Judith "Judy" Bentley (63) and One Small Step partner Laura Mayo (68) relate over their frustrations with US institutions and the polarization of US politics.

Conversation with dad

We were able to have a conversation station about how he feels about his family.

[No Name Given] [No Name Given] and Somerset Peede

Somerset Peede (21) speaks to her mentor [No Name Given] (60) about how COVID-19 impacted their lives and their community at the Blair School of Music.

My fathers past and my future

I interviewed my father and discussed with him on things we’ve been through, his past and my future. How he grew up and his childhood. The interview was recorded on 11/27/2020

My amazing mom!!

I asked my mom about her child hood, and a little bit about mine.

United Airlines Napkins to Eastern Bloc Lace: David Wells’ Travels Through Life

An conversation with Nashville-native David Wells on his early life, his travels, and his growth as a person.

Del Trolinder, a rockabilly legend, talks guitars.

Del Trolinder was inducted into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame as a song writer and singer. He's famous for many songs from the 1950s and 60s, but he is best known as a song writer. Recently, he gave one of...

Story Corps Interview with Dr. James Vaughan on his experiences with Race & Identity

This Interview is an assignment for the AAS4013 : Race & Identity through Pop Culture class taught by Professor Martina McGhee at the University of Texas at San Antonio. I conducted this interview with James Vaughan, Ph.D. to learn more...

Cyndi Farley and Daniel Farley

Spouses, Cyndi Farley (60) and Daniel "Dan" Farley (67), share their love story, reminisce about the many adventures they have had together, and remember JJ, who was Cyndi's first husband and Daniel's close friend.

60’s in Nashville with grandmother

My grandmother’s experience in Nashville in the 60’s

My interview with Papa

We talked a lot about his childhood and his parents and then transitioned more into talking about the Air Force and his passion for flying.

interview with Sarah Fuller

Katie Fuller age 19 interviews her sister Sarah Fuller age 23. In this interview we find out a bit about Sarah fuller including how she would like to be remembered and her happiest moment.

Childhood Bullying:A Lifelong Impact

I had a conversation with my general manager about his childhood and how bullying impacted his life.

Interview My Father

Got to know his perspective on me growing up and his family stories.