Christmas Day Interview

This was the first Story Corps interview, and my grandmother was a bit nervous/uncertain of how to conduct herself, but as the interview progressed she was able to be more comfortable and really get into some interesting details about her...

Interview of Mary Macnabb. APUSH Grade Reclaimation Extra Credit

Mary Macnabb recounts experiences from her childhood and present years, and discusses the many hardships she has endured.

Thanksgiving Interview With Grandma Routh

This is an interview with Lula Mae Routh, my great grandmother. She is 94 years old and she has been both a dairy and produce farmer during her lifetime. Her interview describes Thanksgiving and agriculture during her life.

Mama Sue talking about growing up

Sue Stafford and her daughter Sara Lanier talk about how food has changed over the years.

Mary and William

Interview of Mary Kirk by her grandson William Wood. 5/4/2019. Mary gave much shorter answers than I had hoped. Mary was afraid to elaborate or cry.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We spoke about my grandmother’s childhood and her favorite memories of her childhood.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

This is my inverview for my project I had to do at school

James Pentecost- The Final Chapter
November 30, 2015 App Interview

My friend and co-worker has 7hrs left before he retires. He shares his work history and some lessons for those entering the workforce.

Fran Syptak, aged 90, talks about her experiences with the Unitarian Universalist Church of Catawba Valley over the years.

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Catawba Valley began in 1962 as the Catawba Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. The group first met at Lenoir-Rhyne University in Hickory, NC. Now we meet in their own space that they build as a congregation...

My mother’s migration story <3

I interview my mother on her journey to the United States, what she has learned, and why she decided to even come here.

Ag History

Talking with Granny about her own family farm, as will as my Grandpa’s Farm which I grew up on.

Memories About My Life

I’m interviewing Donna Tolar, and this is being recording in Fort Mill, SC. This was recorded on January 15, 2020. Donna shared many stories and memories about her life. She talks about her having to almost send off her husband...

Riley McDonald interviews her father Jack McDonald on his experience working so close to 9/11

In this interview I ask my dad about how he found out about the events of 9/11 and why his job took him to New York in the weeks following the event.