Horse Wreck

Bob Discoe tells about a horse wreck he had while working with bulls on a Nebraska ranch.

Dr. Marilyn Peterson shares her experiences and advice.

Dr. Marilyn Peterson has been as resident of Nebraska all her life and currently resides in Cozad, NE. She was a teacher for all ages and has a passion for learning and leadership and a caring heart.

Childhood memories

Brooklynn’s dad shares some of his childhood experiences and related them to how they look in today’s world

Macie and her parents Julie and Mike

Asking my parents a series of questions about their relationship.

“I Wasn’t Afraid to be Judged”

This is an interview with Zoey Reeves talking about her childhood and interests.

Betsy Nore and Molly Miner

Molly Miner (41) interviews her mother Betsy Nore (75) about her childhood in Genoa, Nebraska. Betsy shares anecdotes about her extended family and her ancestors from Norway.

BJ Powell’s StoryCorps
November 27, 2017 App Interview

Talking with my dad about his time as a child and adult throughout his life who helped influence his life for the better.

Conversation with Mom

We talked about having kids, being a kid, and if being a teenager once is enough.

Joanne Bodner and Andrew "Drew" Bodner

Joanne (71) and her husband Andrew (77) talk about how both of their families were part of the homestead program in Oklahoma for Joanne's grandmother and Montana for Andrew's grandparents.

A Farm Boy at Heart

In this interview I spoke with my dad about his experiences growing up on a farm. He also spoke about how it made him the person he is today and how it has helped him with his career path.

“I’m a Walkthefencer”

Asking Brynn Hamer questions about her life and our friendship.

My Mother, a Doctor

This was an interview conducted for the purposes of my AP Lang and Comp class. I ask my mother first, questions about her childhood and growing up. Then the questions gradually progress to the topic of academia and more specifically...

Great American listening project.

Interview with my mother. She talks about what her family was like. What traditions she had, where she lives and how life was different.

A Spiritual Life

A look into the life of Genie Hart. She talks about growing up and her family. She talks about her spiritually.