Loosing His Mom, Raised by His Sister, Drafted to Vietnam War, Finding the Love of His Life

My grandpa, 91 years old, begins by telling about his childhood when his mother passed as a result of the Great Depression. Thus, papa’s older sister, Helen, decided to take on a heavy role of raising him and his brothers....

A Family of Journalists

After Thanksgiving and a day of Black Friday shopping, I ask my uncle, a former journalism student a few questions about media and technology.


I interviewed my Grandmother, my father’s mom. Judy was born during the depression and is 81 years old. She had a happy life with little regrets.

Health care worker at 19

My brother Tyler is 19 years old and already making a difference. He works in the hospital with covid19 patients.

An Afternoon with Doris Andersen

Doris Andersen is a retired teacher that lives at Meadowlark Pointe, in Cozad, Nebraska. In this interview, she shared some of her life experiences. She spoke about her son Greg. Her teaching and her husband. Additionally, she explains how amazing...

Interview with Susan Corso

I talk to my grandmother about constantly moving around the US

Steve Rock interviews Phyllis Rock about her childhood Christmas' and food.

Steve Rock interviews his mother Phyllis, who talks about what Christmas was like when she was a little girl. She also speaks about what food was like on the farm she grew up on in Nebraska.

Nebraska is my home.

This story is about my mothers life in Nebraska and in utah

Great Depression and WWII

My grandpa’s experiences as told by my mom.

Children and Nature

Two wildlife educators discuss the importance of nature in childhood.

Addy and Grandma Kuper interview pt 1

The microphone stopped working part of the way through so this is the first 1/3 of the interview

Devin Brisbois and Amanda Brisbois

Amanda Brisbois (33) interviews her husband Devin Brisbois (37) about his first two military deployments as a U.S. Army Reservist. Devin recently found out that he will be deployed for a third time; they talk about the impact this has...

Mom Interview

I decided to interview my mom for this project, I think she is interesting because she grew up differently then me and she has an interesting line of work.

Getting the insight of a mother who had to grow up fast.

My mother Rosalie is a strong women and inspires me everyday and motivates me to become the best me. My mother had to grow up fast and I asked her a few questions about how it affected her and how...

A Peak into Memories

I interviewed my mom to get a better understanding of her childhood and how it related with who she has become

The Life of Belbs

Shelby and I discussed her experience through high school and what things she enjoyed. We also discussed her plans for the future.

Grandpa Pirie’s life

My Grandpa had a very interesting life. I think world war2 play apart in his life such as joining the navy.

Josh Pontefract and Priscilla Braun

Priscilla Braun (80) talks with her grandson, Josh Pontefract (13) about what it was like being the first in her family to go to college, and what it was like growing up in Nebraska during WWII.