Learning about my dad

I talked to my dad to learn about what he's learned in life, and another interesting story.

Jackie (Mom) and Samantha (Me)

This was fun, I got to learn about my mom’s life.

Kandee Klein and David Thatcher
October 27, 2021 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Kandee Klein (73) and David Thatcher (64) talk about the forces that shaped their political values, perceptions of liberalism and conservatism, patriotism, and what it means to be a Kansan.

Susanne Byrne and Trinette Borgen

One Small Step conversation partners Susanne Byrne (72) and Trinette [No Name Given] (52) talk about the topic of abortion, and come to the realization that they are both pro-choice, despite their differences on other topics such as mask wearing,...

Insight of the Life of Kathy Humphries, My Mom.

This is just a little story about the the life of my mom, Kathy Humphries. This interview was done in Henderson, Nevada as she was interviewed by her daughter, Danika aka me. As I ask her questions, ranging from my...

Mimi Majestic

Although we went over some touchy subject she kept a smile on her face the whole time

Ashley Hafemann’s Interview for the Great Thanksgiving Listen, 2017

In this recording, Ashley Hafemann at Coronado High School in Henderson, Nevada records an audio file for the 2017 Great Thanksgiving Listen. Ashley Hafemann is in 12th grade.

Desiree’s perspective

In this interview, desiree and i talked about her adoption and how it has impacted her life.

Meet Brianna Boulay

In this interview, I talk with fellow UNLV student Brianna Boulay about her hopes and lessons from living through COVID and how her life has panned out differently than expected.

Quarter Project

My father has lived in the Dallas area his whole life. He has seen this area change and become more diverse. My mother was a military brat, so she has lived in multiple cities. She has experience different cultures and...


Justin’s life before, during and after college.

Interview on Duncan Monroe

In this interveiw, my grandpa Duncan Monroe is interviewed by me Cade Beadell. This interview was conducted in 2017 just out side of Love Lock, Nevada. I, Cade Beadell ask my grandfather questions about his life and types of advice...

Connie Bebout and Caitlin Faulds

Connie Bebout (64) talks with her daughter Caitlin Faulds (25) about growing up in Missouri, leaving to begin a career with the Forest Service and now living through coronavirus. Recorded: 2020-04-26 17:34:08

My interview

Talk about Ricardo Meza life and asking him questions

Conversation with my father

In this interview, my father and I discuss some of the life lessons he has learned this far in his life.

Nathalie Martinez & Jill Mendoza – Las Vegas, Nevada 10/10/2020

Jill Mendoza (19) talks about her experience during the COVID-19 pandemic in Las Vegas, Nevada and how her academic life was impacted. She also talks about the Black Lives Matter Protests and COVID-19 protocols in Las Vegas as compared to...