Twin Talk with Tori

Tori shares her story about growing up with a her twin brother Dylan. Dylan has down syndrome and Tori does not (a 14 in a million statistic). Listen to hear more about these fun, loving, and interesting pair of siblings.

Linda Whitney interview

I tried to pick questions about my stepmom that would of happened before I knew her that way I would know more about her.

My Father’s Story

Basic summary of Zachary Miles and his entire life

My Italian Ancestors

We talked about my mom’s history and how things were when her family was growing up

Sherman Interview

Interview for Heronfield Academy- Humanities

Mom & Me

Growing up with Italians, helping people and loving life with smiles.

Family interview

We talked about the upbringing of her family, and how it was growing up.

Grammy interview 2017

We talked about last memories and things she has done in her life.

Getting to know my mom’s experience with religion

Getting to know my mom’s history with religion! I knew she went to catholic schools but I didn’t know what she still did in her personal life now vs then and what her views are now.

Grandma’s Journey from Boston to California

My grandma was born in Boston, and she later moved to New Hampshire. She attended University of Michigan when her husband Ian was fighting in the Gulf War. She remembers all of the political turmoil that was happening when she...

Jake and Chloe

Jake (17) interviews his older sister, Chloe (22), about their Grandfather that recently passed away.

In the shoes of a Division I college athlete

An extension on the discussion about football and concussions with a recently medically retired UNH football athlete; Sean Burns.

Interview with Ma – Part 1 "so yeah, if it was quirky or weird it was because I was quirky or weird too"

Part 1 of a conversation with my grandmother, who I call Ma. We have always been very close, and I know she loves to talk and tell stories, so was a perfect candidate for this sort of project. We sit...

Interview with my grandma

We talked about her early life as well as comparing it to life today

Robin Schmidt – German traveling to America

German soccer player gets an opportunity to play collegiate soccer at D1 university of New Hampshire. Find out why he wanted to come overseas