Jim Manhart and Debora Moore

One Small Step partners Jim Manhart (65) and Debora Moore (54) talk about how their experiences and identity influence their world views. Debora talks about their native roots and creating community among Native people, and Jim talks about his background...

Samantha Labens

I asked Samantha a series of questions about her personal spiritual beliefs and experiences. She considers herself an 'Omnist', and finds varying beliefs from across the world accomodating.

Delilah Righter and Alicia Bennett

Delilah Righter (24) interviews her conversation partner Alicia Bennett (49) about her life, having a disability, and life in Utah.

Jake and Chloe

Jake (17) interviews his older sister, Chloe (22), about their Grandfather that recently passed away.

Lisa Williams interview

Interview of Lisa Jean Bailargeon Williams, by Christian and Solomon Williams

Life as a teen during COVID19

As students in highschool, our lives have been dramatically affected by the corona virus, but we have adapted and found a new sense of normalcy.

Interview with Jake Moser

I did this interview with my boyfriend, Jake Moser. We chatted about things like ambitions, school, memories, and other random things.

Lawrence Davis ad Casey Dupont

Casey Dupont talks with Lawrence Davis, his 75 year old grandfather, about his life. He worked many jobs and going to school around the east coast in a time of war, before having four children and living more relaxed life.

Grammy interview 2017

We talked about last memories and things she has done in her life.

Carol Jones and Leaf Seligman, lifelong friends, talk about how it all started when Leaf met Carol, who was in prison

Carol Jones is a Harm Reduction Champion and woman with lived experience with substance use disorder and now works for the Alliance For Living in Connecticut. Leaf Seligman is a restorative practitioner, educator and writer and the two of them...

Interview with Ma – Part 1 "so yeah, if it was quirky or weird it was because I was quirky or weird too"

Part 1 of a conversation with my grandmother, who I call Ma. We have always been very close, and I know she loves to talk and tell stories, so was a perfect candidate for this sort of project. We sit...

“We got the message that the Russians were coming”: Growing Up in the Sixties and Seventies

America was very different place in the post-Cold War era. A brother, father, and friend recounts being a kid in the 60’s and 70’s: the fears of Vietnam, the underlying presence of Russian threats, and the happiness of childhood despite...

Grace Keenan talks to her grandmother Kathleen Keenan about losing a brother and friends in war, living in a pandemic, and advice

In this interview, conducted on November 24, 2020 in New Hampshire, Grace Keenan interviews her grandmother Kathleen Keenan about some of her childhood experiences. Kathleen (Kathy) talks about what is was like losing a brother in the Korean War in...

Interviewing Nana

I’m talking with my Nana about how her life was and what were her favorite things about it.

The Almighty Susan Pearson

This is the brief story of my great mother. She has done many great things for me in my life and I am forever greatful. She is one of my closest family members, but more importantly one of my best...

Mom & Me

Growing up with Italians, helping people and loving life with smiles.