Jeremiah Baumann and Amanda Baumann

Jeremiah Baumann (37) tells his sister Amanda Baumann (33) about the fourteen years he worked as a wildland firefighter.

Bear Dan McKinney shares stories of life in the West, his move to Montana, and fly fishing.

Bear Dan McKinney discusses the experiences of his New Mexican childhood and his eventual move to Montana. He credits his father with his formula for a happy life.

Red Bike Moment

I interviewed my coworker Kenji Damp about the moment he decided to work in his community.

Family Comes First

This is an interview with my Grandma Esther, who is my only grandparent left, on April 23 2018. We recorded in Yorba Linda, California when I am at the age of 20. My Grandfather took his own life when my...

Destiny and her mom

I just interviewed my mom because I really love her

Paul Kelly’s Summary

My dad(Paul Kelly) and I(Polly Kelly) discuss his past and hopes for the future. Mainly his theatrical life!

Grandma woohoo’s life

Throughout the enterview I asked my grandmother about her religious and life adventures. We talked about how it used to be when she was younger and What is was like growing up.

Interview with Perri Beth Druen

In this interview with 53 year old Perri Beth Druen her 14 year old daughter, Caroline, asks questions about work, love, and even a nickname related to a president!

Shi'nali' and Life Experiences on Reservation

My Grandmother had grown up during a period of Navajo re-education during the 40s'- and 50's-. She had gotten herself off the Reservation and was able to get a Highschool and College level education. She found herself raising a family...

Senior Year

Two high school students discuss their goals and achievements.

Interview with Julie Goldblatt

We discussed her childhood and the places she grew up. Her family and our own family now. She also talked about her career and how she got to where she is today.

International Rattlesnake Museum's Mission to Save the Snakes

Graduate Student Chris Cutter interviews Bob Meyers, Curator of the International Rattlesnake Museum, about their role in saving snakes and their mission to educate the public about the ecological importance of snakes.

Randall Aragon and Luigi Villanueva

Randall Aragon (74) talks with StoryCorps facilitator Luigi Villanueva (25) about his childhood, his experiences in the military, and his career after the military in law enforcement around the country.

Yarden Griffith and Richard Griffith

Yarden Griffith (17) Interviews his father Richard Griffith (58) about New Mexico's cultural differences from where he grew up (Arizona).

Raymond Stattel and Theresa Stattel

Theresa Stattel (53) interviews her father, Raymond Stattel (93), about his time in the Air Force and his experience witnessing test blasts for the Armed Forces Special Weapons Project.


I intervied my bestfriend while in the SLI.

Kristen Norton and Linda Collins
September 2, 2021 OSS Hub

One Small Step Conversation partners Kristen Norton (49) and Linda Collins (74) talk about the role of religion and faith, growing up, major influences, politics, government and abortion legislation.

Steven’s interview

Steven talks about his childhood, experiences as an adolescent, and things to inspire the youth. Laugh along with Steven and Savannah as they talk about Steven’s life.

4th grade class Interviews a Veteran

Mrs. Henry’s fourth grade class interviews a veteran. He is a grandfather of one of the students. Mr. Bernal served his country right out of high school.