Robin Gonzalez

Robin Gonzalez is a woman originally from New Mexico, moving to Chicago in her early twenties. Moving to Chicago soon after having her children when she was nineteen has had a tremendous impact on her life and career. In this...

Grandma Judy

I asked my grandma to talk about her life growing up and now as an older women. We also talked about relationships she’s created and her experience with breast cancer.

Marie Gregg and Jordin West

Marie Gregg (36) and Jordin West (33), classmates in ICS510: Mission, Context, and Ecclesial Life at Nazarene Theological Seminary. A practice interview for the final ethnographic project.

Zoe Sumner interviewing Teresa Sumner

Teresa Sumner is very thankful for her family. In this interview we talk about my grandmas life growing up, and her siblings. We talk about our family, and what my dad was like growing up.

The Vietnam Experience

Gary Terry was in the Army for 2 years in Vietnam. This is his story of the experience he had before, during, and after the war.

Patricio Quintana and Judith Quintana

Patricio Quintana (87) speaks with his daughter Judith Quintana (61) talk about Patricio's childhood in New Mexico, the uniqueness of New Mexican culture, and his love of education, both as a student and later in life as an educator.

Interview with papa

An interview with my Papa. He talks about growing up in Carlsbad and how he came to own his own accounting firm.

Allison Cooley and her grandfather, Ronald Ford, discuss Ronald's experience in the U.S. Army

This interview, recored on November 21st 2020 from Albuquerque New Mexico where Allison (16) lives, interviews her grandfather, Ronald (87), who lives in Concord New Hampshire, explores Ronalds early school days in New Hampshire and life overseas in Taiwan, drafted...

Adriana Vigil and her mom Dedrea talk about the past, the present, and the future.

In this interview, conducted in November 2020 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Adriana Vigil (16) interviews her mother Dedrea (55) about her life and her hopes for the future. Dedrea shares stories about her teenage years and how she has grown...

Phyllicia McGowan and Susan Kocen

Phyllicia Daria McGowan (59) is interviewed by her friend, Susan Kocen (50), about her life as a queer person, who for so long did not fit into the queer community.

Natalia Horcasitas and Richard Horcasitas

Natalia Horcasitas (40) and her brother Richard Horcasitas (43) share memories of growing up in Yuma and having a tight knit community of neighbors and friends.

Monique talks with 91-year old Adolf Armijo about what inspires him and how he has influenced so many people during his lifetime.

Adolf shares his amazing life story (so far!) ...and how he has flourished in each stage of his life...from being a 12-year-old rancher in New Mexico, moving to San Francisco when he was 19, chasing his dream of becoming a...

The Train Ride

My mom, Christina, describes the time she shared with her grandmother when taking the train to New Mexico.

My Mom’s Story

We talked about the difference between my mom’s childhood as a little girl and her life as a teenager. We touched base on the influential people in her life and how her past has affected her present.

Interview With Deanna and Bridget Aaron Over Love, Family, and Religion

I asked my mother questions over her family, love life, and religion. She talked about important people in her childhood like her grandfather and sayings we have in my family like 2+2+2 that we joke about. She talked about meeting...

Quarter Project

My father has lived in the Dallas area his whole life. He has seen this area change and become more diverse. My mother was a military brat, so she has lived in multiple cities. She has experience different cultures and...