In Your Own Words with Madu Udeh

Originally a celebration of Black History Month, February 2018, Middlebury College's Davis Family Library initiated a series of oral interviews, "In Your Own Words." In them, Literatures & Cultures Librarian Katrina Spencer engages members of the community who trace their...

Job Ngwe: Past and Present

I spoke to Dr. Job Ngwe, a professor of Social Work at Northeastern in his home in Chicago, IL about his past and what he looks forward to in the future for TheGreatListen2017 and Lincoln Park HS Room 311.

David Oke Interview

Recording of David Oke and how his experience has been here in the U.S. coming from Nigeria.

Eyiara Oladipo (Ara) Part 1

Eyiara talks about his early experiences during elementary school and his transition from Nigeria to the U.S

Victor Adimoraegbu and Andrew Justicia

Dr. Victor Adimoraegbu (32) sat down with friend and colleague, Andrew Justicia (no age given). Together they discussed Dr. Adimoraegbu's journey to healthcare and his experiences in medicine.

Reza Nekumanesh and Joseph Delaney

One Small Step Participants Reza Nekumanesh (46) and Joseph "Dennis" Delaney (80) discuss religion, politics, and travel. Reza speaks about his inter-faith work, his political work and his work in non-violence. Dennis speaks about his time as a state senator,...

Kerri Rhodes and Rosa Tapia

Colleagues Kerri Rhodes (44) and Rosa Tapia (31) discuss the creation of the non-profit Restore Education, the goals of their programming, and the demographic the non-profit serves.

Dealing With COVID-19 – CUNY Service Corps (Part II)

This interview covers how a resident of New York is dealing with the pandemic COVID-19, general thoughts and lessons learned so far.

Emmanuel Adebanjo and his dad Isaac Adebanjo talk about the process of Immigration and Change

In this interview, conducted in June 2, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois, Emmanuel Adebanjo (18) interviews his father Isaac Adebanjo (59) about his journey and lessons learned from Nigeria to America. My dad shares his stories about his childhood, inspirations and...

Jeanne Fashina and Colvin Ingram

One Small Step conversation partners Jeanne Fashina (68) and Colvin "Pete" Ingram (74) discuss how they both voted in every election since they could vote. They also talk about the influential people in their lives, Jeanne's time in Nigeria, Pete's...

Ann Norman and Norman Jones

Ann Norman [no age given] speaks with her friend and mentor Norman "Norm" Jones [no age given] about their shared love of history and religious studies.

Dr. Jovita Oruwari and Dr. Carolyn Pryor

Dr. Carolyn Pryor (62) interviews her friend and colleague Dr. Jovita Oruwari (55) about her career in breast cancer surgery. They talk about the importance of Black female representation in the medical field and how having a doctor who looks...

Stories From Here to There (Great Thanksgiving Listen 2017)
November 24, 2017 App Interview

In this interview, recorded on November 23, 2017 in Merrit Island, Florida, Simeon Swaby (14) interviews his uncle Daniel Inyang (46) about his childhood growing up in Nigeria, and his life immigrating to the United States. He shares stories of...

Atiba Mbiwan, Keenan Mbiwan, and Quatez Mbiwan

Atiba Mbiwan (62) has a conversation with his son Keenan Mbiwan (37) and his grandson Quatez Mbiwan (18) about Atiba changing his last name to "Mbiwan" in honor of a close friend from Africa who was killed in a car...

AP Language Thanksgiving Interview: Mother 2018

I interviewed my mom, who like my dad, was an immigrant to America from Nigeria. She talks about the experience of being an immigrant and also living in America for a long time. Despite the label of "immigrant", you'd also...

Walter Sangree, Cora Sangree, and Lissa Sangree-Calabrese

Walter Sangree (90) talks with his daughter Cora Sangree (54) and granddaughter Lissa Sangree-Calabrese (16) about his upbringing and unusual family structure, his work as an anthropologist in Africa, and what he has learned in his 90 years of life.

Rabiu Omolaja and Felisa Omolaja

Rabiu "Elijah" Omolaja (59) talks with his wife, Felisa Omolaja [no age given], about a dream he had that compelled him to leave Nigeria and start a new life in the United States. He discusses his religious beliefs, the work...

Donald Carey and Ted Carey converse

Ted Carey, 67, son of Donald Carey, 92, have a biographical conversation briefly covering experiences and aspects of a full and rewarding life.

Sauleiha Akangbe & Safia Alakbar

Sauleiha manages the Just Birth program for Swedish in Tacoma. She spoke with her sister, Safia about the importance for this work and how it benefits the Black, Indigenous and Asian Pacific populations of her community. She also talked about...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Today we talked about life. My mother and I talked about the fortunate and misfortune events that have taken place in her life, as well as family, a relationship with God and her well wishes for her children.

Kathleen Petrie and Meredeth Roberts

Meredeth Petrie Roberts (47) interviews her mother, Kathleen Petrie [no age given], about her childhood, her missionary work in Africa, and her memories of her late husband, Colin.