North ridge Earthquake

Interviewed my mom about living through the Northridge Earthquake of 1994

Story corp project questions

In this video I interview my mother and ask her questions. She responds with some whole hearted responses

The LA Disaster

“We’re reporting on January 17th, 1994 4:31 am, we have just felt an extreme earthquake. We are hoping that everyone is safe and unhurt.” People realized that we were a community and in need of helping each and every person...

Chats with mom

We talked about my mom and her family and what it was like growing up.

Interview with mom

17 year old daughter interviews her mother about her life experience.

Interview about Covid-19

Today, May, 3 2021 in Northridge, California, I, Edwin Plata, interviewed Francisco Arevalo and asked him some questions about the Corona virus pandemic.

1994 Northridge earthquake experience

I (Nicholas Banszegi) asked my mom (Jacqueline Taylor) what it was like to live through a earthquake.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My aunt and I having a conversation about family and a few happy memories she has of me