College Track Oakland_Carolina & Dahlia_2016

Sisters Carolina & Dahlia Hernandez, College Track Oakland students from Oakland, talk about beating the odds to earn a college degree, thanks to the support from College Track. They also talk about being undocumented students who had the willpower to...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Everything happens for a reason, as told through the life story of my mom.

Velma Sun Fletcher, 99 y.o.

Velma’s childhood in Oakland being the first Chinese and only girl in her school. Going back and forth to China just after war times, & starting the Orange County symphony.

This is a conversation on David's front porch with his neighbor and good friend, Gary.

David Wesley(57) interviewed Gary Banta (68). David and Gary are neighbors in Kansas City, Missouri. Gary talked about growing up in Walnut Creek, CA. and moving to Kansas City. We also discussed LGBTQ, and faith.

Henry J. Balderrama and Noah Balderrama talking about life during the Vietnam War.

On April 30th, 2021, my grandfather (70) and I (21) discussed his youth growing up in Arizona and making his way to California. My grandfather was not as lucky as some children and was in the foster care system for...

Development Interview with Uncle Bri

Uncle Brian and I went over stories and influences from his youth and hopes for the future to come.

Allison Briscoe-Smith and Sue Lani Madsen
September 15, 2023 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Allison Briscoe-Smith (46) and Sue Lani Madsen (67) talk about how political labels and identity labels don't always get to the nuance of a person, and share stories about how they're teaching the younger generations...

Racism: Rhythm & Blues with grandpa

talking about rhythm and blues with my grandpa and the racism that came with listening to that kind of music as a white guy

Steven Doles and Jay Ailworth

One Small Step conversation partners Steven Doles (69) and Jay Ailworth (71) explore each of their different lived experiences. They find commonalities in their military experience as Vietnam veterans, their troubles with far-right conservatives, and discuss how race has impacted...

The Church and My Filipino Mom

We talked about my mom's experiences with the Catholic Church from when she was a little girl in the Philippines to now as a grandmother in the United States.

Makinde Adedapo and Mosi Ifatunji

Makinde Adedapo (37) and his brother Mosi Ifatunji (43) discuss growing up and how family dynamics have changed and shifted.

Geena Lazzerini and Wendy Joyce-Fenton

One Small Step Partners, Geena Lazzerini (21) and Wendy Joyce-Fenton (59), discuss the need for community, spirituality, and connection as well as their differing views on social issues such a gun control.

My Grandfather the Civil Rights Activist

we talked about my grandfather Garry A Mendez Jr. who was an activist for black people. We talked about his love for the people and how he always cared about people who were underserved. We also talked a little bit...

The Musical Journey

Sebastian Lopez Bossi interviews Amadeus Regucera, who mentored him, about Amadeus's Musical Journey.

Herman Brown and Cameron Stephenson

Cameron Stephenson (47) reminisces with her colleague Herman Brown (71), a teacher for over 45 years, about his experience in the Black Panther Party, how his community in Oakland has been influenced and changed, and their shared connection as educators...

"Iris Brito Stevens and Rena Oppenheimer- Black Lives Matter Uprising-An Embodied Experience"

Iris Brito Stevens (59) talks with Rena Oppenheimer (30s) about her experience during the Black Lives Matter Uprising that took place in Oakland, California (aka Ohlone land) in the summer of 2020. The goal is to learn something meaningful about...