Current and Past Relationships

In this interview, conducted in Chicago, Illinois, Ulises Martinez, my father, shared with me some of the relationships he had with his family and friends. Some of them being very happy and other really sad, he shares what he had...

Leo Skinner – Chinanteco Linguist

Interview with Leo Skinner, a Wycliffe translator and linguist with the native Mexican Chinantec people

Caridad Mendez

Caridad speaks about growing up in Oaxaca and her dream of coming to the United States.

Cristian Ruiz and his mother Veronica Hernandez talk about how was the life of my mother when she was young.

In this interview, conducted in November 26 2019 in Los Angeles, California. Cristian Ruiz (18) interview his mother (35) about her job and stories in Oaxaca City. Sra. Veronica share memories that she remember when she was young. Also, she...

A mexican life into an American one

The interview was about a person that lives in Mexico and when he was a teenager, he came to live in the US.


I interview my sister to get some insight towards the way she was raised how that has had an impact on her. Throughout the interview I get a more thorough understanding of her morals and ethics. Her being the eldest,...