Ida Wilkerson-Morton and L. Kobie Wilkerson

Ida Charmaine Wilkerson-Morton (64) talks with her son L. Kobie Wilkerson (40) about her life and how she'd like to be remembered. They discuss education, spirituality and values that are important to them.

Janet and Zoe discuss preparing for the climate emergency
March 13, 2020 App Interview

In this interview, Janet and I talk about her past experiences with climate change and how her past experiences have shaped how she is preparing for the climate emergency. We discuss what measures she has taken in the past, what...

Interview with Daniel Chester

An interview with my father about his experiences as a parent and how they can pertain to their child's future.

Myah White alongside her mother, Cara Frazier, interview Taryn Quinn Remark.

In this interview, conducted in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, Myah White(17), and Cara Frazier(somewhere in her 40's)interview Taryn Remark(6). Taryn Remark talks about her interesting and innocent 6-year-old outlook on life.

9-Year Old answers Mom’s questions

As part of our family podcast series, we are using StoryCorps to create conversation. Today, I ask JP some questions about his fondest memories and proudest moments in life so far. We also reflect on Thanksgiving and what we look...


Dennis Miller talks about his life experiences.

Full Circle

Grandma Pecquet talks abouy her life, faith, and childhood experiences

Education in Columbus

My grandparents and I discussed their career in education. They went in detail on organizations and unions they participated in and how technology changed throughout the course of their careers.

Clara Blumetti – Looking Back On 94 Years

Clara reflects on those who have influenced her most and how their actions affected her for the rest of her life: her father, her mother, her first husband, her daughter who helped Clara through her first husband's death, her second...

Randy Ware

Randy served in the Navy as an IT specialist for 22 years and, for a 2 year period, was the only person in the entire Navy able to troubleshoot and resolve issues with aviation maintenance software. Ironically, his skills in...

Interviewing my grandma, Joan Heller, about her life and family history

I interviewed my grandma, age 69, for the Great Thanksgiving Listen. She talked about her family, like stories about her mom and brothers. She detailed her battle with cancer, as well as a few other old stories. She shared some...

This is my Practice Interview

This is my practice interview for Composition and Rhetoric, The Great Thanksgiving Listen, and I will be interviewing my grandpa.

Kalida Kids – (1/?)

A retrospective on life in Kalida, Ohio in the late 20th century by five Putnam county-born individuals. Three have left, two have stayed, and all have been shaped by their experiences in the small German Catholic village of a thousand.

Aaron Newell and Amberly Newell

Aaron Newell (42) talks with his daughter, Amberly Newell (13), about the way his faith influences his decisions, his experience adopting Amberly, and their work in the community.

Attitude of Gratitude Frew

This is an interview with my 76-year-old grandmother on Thanksgiving, 2017

A Conversation About Life

A conversation with my aunt about her life and the things she went through. From her biggest dreams that could’ve been accomplished to her constant jobs she had when she was younger while being a single mother. The importance of...

Persia Gratitude Nader
November 28, 2018 App Interview

I talked about being grateful, as well as my mother’s life in this interview with my mom.

Robert Mere-Christmas 2018

Robert Mere shared his memories of growing up, the influence of education and a strong loving family on his development, and the importance of accepting other people where they are at. He used the culmination of his 79 years of...