Interview with mom

I asked my mom a variety of questions ranging from role models, to jobs, to favorite holidays

StoryCorps Interview With My Grandpa- Jackson Greene

In this interview I talked to my grandfather about his life. We talked about his childhood, Vietnam, and my grandmother. Bill is 78 and I am 12. He suffers from dementia so there were a couple of things that were...

Maggie Wilcox and Gala Korniyenko

Gala Korniyenko, a PhD student at The Ohio State University gives advice to Maggie Wilcox, a first year Master's Student at The University of Kansas, on community building and engagement, urban planning, international development, and life in general.


My grandmother Dianne shared memories of her childhood and life with her family.

The Great Thanksgiving Interview

I love my dad, we talked about many topics. These topics include memory's, politics, influence and more.

Activist Mónica Ramírez Interviews Jose Ramírez, Sr., her dad

Mónica interviews her father about growing up in Mississippi, working in the fields, the people who inspire him and his hope for the future.

A look into the 50’s and 60’s

We talked about childhood and like in the 50s and 60s. We talked about family traditions and romance

Conversation with Grandpa Ron

About his life and how he has gotten to where he is today.

Who you are today

We talked about our adoption day and lessons learned in life.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

She is my mother, I chose her because she is a great person and has a lot of interesting stories, I personally think the interview went great. This process went smoothly but it could’ve been improved by possibly getting it...

The great thanksgiving listen

Memories that my grandfather had for the great thanksgiving listen

Mrs. Hornstra’s life

Today I interviewed Mrs. Hornstra. She is my schools front office person, she has always been so sweet to me and I remember always coming to ask her for help with something and she’d be there to help me. She...

Grandpa’s Friend, Jon
April 12, 2022 App Interview

A story from my grandpa‘s friend of the good and bad memories and the quite interesting information and more about Grandpa Phil and Jon

Elizabeth Coleman and John LeSar
August 1, 2019 OSS Hub

Elizabeth Coleman [no age given] talks with her OSS conversation partner John "Jack" W. LeSar [no age given] about their childhoods and school experiences. They also discuss their time abroad, in the Peace Corps and the Army respectively, and their...

The gay husbands and founders of Dayton's The Rubi Girls and Square One Salon share their coming out story and starting The Rubi Girls

From humble beginnings and prior careers, Josh Stucky and Brent Johnson have become one of Dayton Ohio's "power" couples. They have built a business and become a force for community development, change and charity.

Polly Eppley

My mother and I were speaking for our first time in an organized way

My Grandpa and his work life

I asked my grandpa  about his work life and a little bit of his young life.  he shared some stories  from different points in his life.