Jared Shaffer and Blaire Mertz Comm Project

Blaire Mertz (27) talks with s/o Jared Shaffer (24) about life as a speech language pathologist.

Interview with my dad about my Grandpa
January 9, 2023 App Interview

This is and interview I did with my dad to get a broader and deeper understanding about the life of my grandfather.

Alvin Brasier and Maureen Harvey

One Small Step Conversation partners Alvin Brasier (57) and Maureen Harvey (71) talk about their time working at Tinker Air Force base, living in Oklahoma, political division - and caring for a child with special needs.

Interview with Jackie

My mom (Jackie) talked a lot about her childhood growing up and told me what led her from living in a small town in Ohio to moving to New York City and how she eventually ended up in Miami.

Last minute interview

This interview gave us a brief look at Tyler’s future and perspective on life. It also gives us a look at what he wants to be and do when he gets older. He tells us what he does in his...

Remembering Maxine McAninch Hogue in celebration of her 100th birthday

Janet Hogue Thompson (77) talks with her daughter Michelle Thompson (51) about the life of her mother Mary Maxine McAninch Hogue (1920-1993) in rural Casey County, Kentucky.


My mother and I talked about gratitude and what she is grateful for.

L. Jackson Newell and William McMurrin

L. Jackson "Jack" Newell (83) speaks with friend William McMurrin [no age given] about his childhood memories, academic career, love of nature, and perspective on humanity.

Anna F and Eric Nashbar

One Small Step partners Anna F (26) and Eric Nashbar (54) discuss their upbringing, their thoughts on work culture, and their religious identities.

Professor Celeste Terry & Community Healing and Resilience part 2

Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences Student, Tiffany Mims, interviews Professor Celeste Terry, Assistant Executive Director of United Black Fund of Greater Cleveland Inc. to talk about her life, her work, her projects, and her insights about resilience, healing, and...

Interview with dad

Dad he was trying hard to be professional

Michael Lee Neptune Mace, Born 1972

Easton Mace (14), talks to Michael Mace (50), about how he grew up, and what his passions were when he was young.

Oral History interview – Chris Sells

This goes into depth in my moms childhood and her decisions growing up

“There is nothing in the world you can’t do, unless you say you can’t”

An interview with Charles Stark, my Grandfather, about his life and his views on the world. End was cut short due to error on interviewers part.

Learning about my grandmas history and what she became of it.

Donovan Shaw (16) interviews his grandma Paulette Shaw (70). They discussed the struggles of being African American (5:35). Paulette talked about growing up in Alabama and moving to Michigan. The change was different for her. She discussed meeting the love...

“SELAH” concert interview with Ryan Muns

I interviewed Ryan Muns and asked about his music career and Selah his concert. Ryan also talks about his near death experience and his journey to creating a powerful stage performance.

ap gov extra credit

For this interview i interviewed my dad. I asked my dad seven different questions, the first question was about his childhood and growing up he told me about how he grew up in Ohio and about how he was the...

An orphan raised on a farm.

My father grew up as an orphan. Because of that he was raised by his older sister and his very old grandfather. He tells the stories of his past and his present and how his childhood influenced him.

“I was looking for…adventure…”

Service is always at the core of Father Stuart Wilson-Smith's adventures and musical pursuits. He says that from the time he was young, he wanted his life to be focused on helping others. It was later that he decided that...

Fred Poland tells the story of how he founded the Dayton Gay Men's Chorus and the journey since then.

Fred Poland started the Dayton Gay Men's Chorus in 2003 and has helped lead the Chorus to become of one of Dayton's most revered cultural/arts organizations. The Chorus has served as refuge and family for its members and helped create...