Charita Harmon and Herman Boyd

Charita Harmon (66) interviews her uncle Herman Boyd (82) about his service in this military, his experience as an African American man in the military, and what advice he would share with younger members in his family who are considering...

Interview with grandfather on Thanksgiving Day

I asked my grandfather a few questions about his childhood and questions relating to Thanksgiving

Alvin Brasier and Maureen Harvey

One Small Step Conversation partners Alvin Brasier (57) and Maureen Harvey (71) talk about their time working at Tinker Air Force base, living in Oklahoma, political division - and caring for a child with special needs.

Oral History interview – Chris Sells

This goes into depth in my moms childhood and her decisions growing up

Liam Kiefaber, English 10 Interview

I asked my grandmother about her life story and advice, as well as asking how she would like to be remembered.

Melanie Deis’ story

We discussed school and her life growing up

Fred Poland tells the story of how he founded the Dayton Gay Men's Chorus and the journey since then.

Fred Poland started the Dayton Gay Men's Chorus in 2003 and has helped lead the Chorus to become of one of Dayton's most revered cultural/arts organizations. The Chorus has served as refuge and family for its members and helped create...

Papaw's Chevrolets

A interview with my grandpa about all the cars he has collected through years.

An orphan raised on a farm.

My father grew up as an orphan. Because of that he was raised by his older sister and his very old grandfather. He tells the stories of his past and his present and how his childhood influenced him.

What the old man had to say.

I Tyler Gleason talked with my Grandfather Jim Gleason on how his life was and a lot about who he was. We got to talk about sad topics such as his grandfather and also happy topics like him going to...

Stephanie Graham interviews Kathryn Poe: Life and The Big Choice

Kathryn is a student at Capital University. Even though she is 20, she has lived a full life ranging from being a college to having a super rare disease.

ap gov extra credit

For this interview i interviewed my dad. I asked my dad seven different questions, the first question was about his childhood and growing up he told me about how he grew up in Ohio and about how he was the...

Interview with Natalie Nedoma
November 30, 2020 App Interview

Today, I interviewed my grandmother, Natalie Nedoma. When she was only 5 years old, Natalie’s mother died which left her and her 3 siblings in the care of her ailing father. When he died at the age of 10, her...

Interviewing Boppa about childhood and army

We talked about his childhood, how he was always getting in trouble before he found his love for books and sports, and then his time in the army as an air force doctor.

Remembering Mamaw

Being able to learn new things about my grandma from this interview was great. I will always be able to come back to this when I need to hear her voice and show my kids just how amazing she was.

Impressions On How Life Has Changed For The American

This interview conducted in Niskayuna, New York in December 2017, by Matthew Chao (16) interviewing his grandfather John Dowley (74) about his time growing up and his family. Dowley shares how his family influenced his life and initiated changes in...

Talking with Nana

Her early childhood and growing up and talking about my mother.