We talked about my dads life growing up and some of his favorite holidays. We also talked about his life in the military.


I interviewed my mother. She is very delighted I interviewed her

ap gov extra credit

For this interview i interviewed my dad. I asked my dad seven different questions, the first question was about his childhood and growing up he told me about how he grew up in Ohio and about how he was the...

Dad growing up

Dad shares stories of what it was like growing up in Ohio during the depression.

MLK assassination

We talk about how the assassination of MLK impacted my aunt.

Remembering Mamaw

Being able to learn new things about my grandma from this interview was great. I will always be able to come back to this when I need to hear her voice and show my kids just how amazing she was.

Oral History interview – Chris Sells

This goes into depth in my moms childhood and her decisions growing up

My Grandpa Talks About his Experience at Ohio State University During the Vietnam War

I talked to my grandpa about his college experience during the Vietnam War. His memories include instances of riots, tear gas, and tanks on the Ohio State Campus. He also talks about his most vivid memories, his childhood, and his...

A Grandmother’s Reflection

My grandmother, a 73 year old woman shares her experience growing up in Ohio and her career as a female speech pathologist.

Professor Celeste Terry & Community Healing and Resilience part 2

Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences Student, Tiffany Mims, interviews Professor Celeste Terry, Assistant Executive Director of United Black Fund of Greater Cleveland Inc. to talk about her life, her work, her projects, and her insights about resilience, healing, and...

What the old man had to say.

I Tyler Gleason talked with my Grandfather Jim Gleason on how his life was and a lot about who he was. We got to talk about sad topics such as his grandfather and also happy topics like him going to...

Fred Poland tells the story of how he founded the Dayton Gay Men's Chorus and the journey since then.

Fred Poland started the Dayton Gay Men's Chorus in 2003 and has helped lead the Chorus to become of one of Dayton's most revered cultural/arts organizations. The Chorus has served as refuge and family for its members and helped create...

My Uncle’s Youth

My uncle explained what his childhood was like and what he has learned throughout his life. Also he talking about what he has been through personally to become the person he is now.

Natalie Miller interviews her mother Sharon Miller about her life experiences.

Interview conducted in Massillon, Ohio on November 27, 2017. The life experiences of Sharon Miller (age 48) and her perspective growing up. Interviewed by her daughter Natalie Miller (age 14). She explains what is important to her, and others she...

Liam Kiefaber, English 10 Interview

I asked my grandmother about her life story and advice, as well as asking how she would like to be remembered.

“Now it’s like I have another family to stay clean for.”

This is a story of two women brought together by an unintended consequence of the opioid epidemic. As of late 2017, as the number of deaths skyrocketed, about one out of every 10 organ donors had died of an overdose....

Attitude of Gratitude Pernice

This interview is for my father. I interviewed his life and how he met his wife. Lastly I interviewed how he is happy doing his job and caring for his daughter (me).

Great Thanksgiving Listen

there were lots of subjects mentioned in this interview mostly about family and life topics.

Addidtude of Graditude

This is asking my sister some very nice questions on thanksgiving.