Silent Giant

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Washington, DC. Jacqueline Thompson (16) interviews her grandpa Obadiah Thompson about his childhood, career, and love life. My grandpa shares stories about his high school adventures and previous love interests. He also...

Robert High and the Great Turkey Talk

In this interview, conducted on Thanksgiving Day, November 28th 2019 - Robert High talks about some of the major themes in his life and how Orlando Florida has helped shape him and his family. Giving candid answers and great advice,...

English Project

I got to know my mom a little better, by asking her questions of her childhood and what it was like.

Sister talk

My sister and I talked about things like religion, hardships, and adults that have influenced us.

StoryCrops Project (1) by: Ghalib Ashai

My mother and I, discuss her childhood and journey throughout life. Her experiences as an immigrant, and how she found her proffession today

Jeremy Seghers and Bruce Costella

Jeremy Seghers (42) talks with his friend Bruce Ryan Costella (27) about their experiences working in theatre, their process as artists, and the state of the theatre art world in Orlando, Florida.

Gabe & Alexa interview

I asked Gabe some questions about life & what was important to him.

A Long Time Coming

Freddie Auguestine involved in historial Little League World series. And the impact on his life today.

Justin Kennedy and the bill mafia

I wanted to understand how a guy I met from Georgia became a Buffalo bills fan.

Kid me.

This is interview with my dad talking about one if the memories of me as a child.

A messy Q&A

A messy interview with my mom of questions that I wanted to know (sorry for the audio)

International Best Friend

This interview was to honor my best friend Jahanzaib and to keep the memory alive of our friendship

Interview with a fri3nd

A conversation about success, failures and future goals between two college students.

Ashlee Powers

Ashlee discussed her childhood and how it affected her adult choices and career path.