Petaling Street

I interviewed a hawker selling sugar cane juice at Petaling Street.

A pet shop owner in Petaling Street

A conversation with a sixty-five years old pet shop owner about her experiences working in Petaling Street for thirty years and her opinion about Petaling Street.

Petaling Street

I interviewed a tourist in Petaling Street to ask about her opinions on Petaling Street

Petaling Street Interview

An interview at petaling street with a someone who calls this place home and their thoughts and opinions

Interview in Petaling Street

Interviewing with Mrs Tan, who is one of the owner in a kopitiam, about her experience in Petaling Street.

Beef Noodle in Petaling Street

Story of Beef Noodle in this 30 years at Petaling Street

Petaling Street Experience

There is a lot difference between nowadays and long time ago in Petaling Street

Interview at Petaling Street

An Interview between a hawker owner who is selling fried sweet potato ball

An interview at Petaling Street

I'm interviewed Mr.Lee about his restaurant "Kim Lian Kee"" and the changed in Petaling Street.

An interview with an uncle selling Bak Gua in petaling street

This interview is about his experience living and selling in petaling in this few years

petaling street

the Petaling Street has changed a lot from the past until now.