The Most Beautiful Moment(s) in Life: Interview with Kristine Canonizado

(I'd like to also mention, my grandma has not returned even though she promised me that she would, so this is my mom speaking on her behalf as well, please tell me this counts; this is why this conversation is...

Interview with My Lola

My Lola shares stories about her life growing up in the Philippines.

Mom’s Memories of the Philippines

Joy Espiritu speaks about her experience moving from the U.S. to the Philippines as well as the memories she made living there.

Samantha Santillan and her mom Louella Santillan talk about family and growing up.

This interview takes place in Samantha Santillan’s living room on November 29th 2019. Samantha (13) interviews her mom Louella Santillan (46) and asks questions about childhood, careers, and having kids.

Trip to Philippines

Trip to Philippines. What it’s like in the Philippines and the shelter.

Interview with my mom

Imelda Villoso discusses the hardships of her life as a parent and coming to the United States

Chris and Winston talk about music, religion, and vegetarianism.

In this interview, conducted in April 2018 in Mission Viejo, California, Chris Quintos (23) interviews his grandfather Winston (64) about music, religion, love, family, and being vegetarian. Winston shares about growing up in the Philippines, playing music and meeting the...

Erin Abalos and Ellizar Abalos

Erin Abalos (28) talks with her husband (34) about his childhood in the Philippines, his passion and fulfillment for music and teaching, and his Navy service. Ellizar talks about his dedication to the growth of this students through music.

Ulysses Labilles and Manuela Velasquez

Conversation partners Manuela Velasquez (24) interviews Ulysses Labilles (61) about his immigration journey to the United States, his father’s impact on his life, dear of his family members, and the importance of his children in his life.

John Bender and Emily Janssen

John Bender (61) remembers the lives and deaths of his father and his mother.

The Love and Warmth Only a Mother Can Provide

I interviewed my grandmother, born and raised in the Philippines, about her life. She talked about my grandfather, how it was like raising her children in the Philippines, how my dad was like when he was younger, the level of...

Antoinette Neri

She talked about her journey to the united states, her family, and transition to today.

Healthy Aging

Mary Marquez interviewing “Lola Ed” about aging.

Foreign Dreams

I ask various questions containing how she lived and how she grew up

George Garcia and Nathaniel Knize for Stonewall OutLoud

George tells Nathan about growing up in the Philippines, dating, going to gay bars in the Philippines and the U.S., helping his friends and community, and the importance of safe housing for LGBT seniors.