Did you expect to be where you are right now?

My name is Alex Linnell, I am 14 and i’m here with julie (stepmother) and she is 49.

Dads Review

We talked about what things my dad was grateful for and most proud of.

Interview with my mom

Conducting an interview with my mom to talk about recent events and things would play out. What she thinks should happen and what should be different.

Thanksgiving Interview

date of interview: 11/26/22 Interviewer: Dane Post Interiewee: Lloyd Casey

My Mom’s Life

My mom tells me about the biggest events of her life, like how she had my brother at 18 and how young her dad lost his life.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Jaida Harris (15) interviews her grandma Kathy Young (64) about her childhood, grandparents, honeymoon, and mom growing up


Me and my dad have a conversation and in that conversation I ask him 10 questions about home life.

A funny conversation with my dad whos retired from the army

Today we talked about my dads past, what his life has been like, and his experience in the army!

Thanksgiving Interview

I had this lovely 12 minutes with my mom and we got to talk about thanksgiving and deep life and her life.

A Moment with my Mom
December 2, 2019 App Interview

In this interview, me and my mom talk about her childhood and her memories with her mom as well as being a parent and what lessons she has learned throughout her life.

interview with my dad

in this interview i will interview my dad 6 shorts questions about his past life.

Great Grandma Interview

I interviewed my great grandma about her life.