My mom interview

I was talking about my moms immigration to the USA and her childhood

Avery Walkoviak interviews her grandfather about growing up on a farm and their family heritage.

This interview took place in Eugene, Oregon on November 29th. Avery Walkoviak (13) interviewed her grandfather Larry Walkoviak (67) about growing up on a farm as a son of a Catholic Polish immigrant. Larry shares about his family on his...

LHP Project Interview

Julia Lis interviewing her mom about her immigration to America from Poland

Family History: Tracing Back with Sophie and Linda

Sophie Haward interviewed her mum Linda Haward about family history in New Hope, PA. They discuss both sides of our family and their origins. One, in Eastern Europe, who journeyed to England in the Victorian era after religious discrimination. They...

Steve Desroches and Donna Duffy

Steve Desroches (47) and Donna Duffy (72) talk about their shared alma mater Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts and Duffy's experiences as a woman pursuing an education and career in the 1970s.

Great Thanksgiving Listen Interview with Krzysztof Szot

My dad discusses the struggles he faced coming to America in order to get a better life for himself and his future children. He also discusses the government and how it has it has influenced him and his time in...

Alessandra Nabb and Ania [No Name Given]

One Small Step partners Alessandra Nabb (23) and Ania [No Name Give] [no age given] talk about the lasting impact of adverse childhood experiences, the formation of their political identities, and their reactions to American individualism.

Grandpa Interview

I ask my grandfather questions about his life and family history.

How the Sosnovik Family was Established in NY and NJ
November 18, 2021 App Interview

This interview is about how the Sosnoviks established themselves in America. CORRECTION: Grandma Mary’s youngest brother was named Frank, not Stephen.

Dan Pipes and Shanna Ratner

Friends, Braver Angels colleagues and One Small Step conversation partners Dan Pipes (57) and Shanna Ratner (67) talk about their political values, government structure, influences and experiences that shaped their perspectives, and their personal views on racism and education.

The immigration story of my grandma

We talked about her story of coming to America from Poland and how different it was here. We also discussed how she grew up in a communist country and how the WWll impacted her life as well.

Sylvia Smoller and Jordan Smoller

Jordan Smoller [no age given] talks with his mother Sylvia Smoller [no age given] about her life including escape from Poland and the Nazis, becoming a refugee, her experience of becoming a world renowned scientist (with whom he sometimes co-authors),...

Sara Goverman’s Life

Sara explains growing up as a first generation child

Emigrating to America at such a young age

I (Tiffany) interview my father (Andrew) about his life as a teenager and what it was like moving to America at such a young age.

Catherine Keyes-Guichard and Daniel Fine

Catherine Keyes-Guichard (53) talks with Daniel Fine (70) about growing up in Northern California and her memories of being restless, rebellious, and searching. She also discusses moving to Europe 30 years ago, marrying a French man, making her home in...