Family Heritage Interview

We talked about my grandfather’s family. Along with how they got here, and some traditions they held.

The life(education) in Poland vs. the life(education) in the States

This interview mainly talks about the lifestyle and education system differences and similarities between the country that Sofiia lives in, which is Poland and the US. In the interview, Sofiia expresses her fond and dilemma toward the US education system...

Sharon Strus: Selfless Mother, Former Catholic Nun, & Polka Accordion Star. The story of a life of humble choices & great outcomes.

Sharon's storied life starts in Michigan, shipping off to the convent at age 13, finding herself in her 20s, then marrying a Polish bus driver in her 30s, and starting a new life chapter. Gain the wisdom of a woman...


How the Holocaust affected me even though I was born in Chicago after World War II.

Interview with Polish immigrant

Bernadette was born in 1971 and immigrated to France and the United States in the 90's. This is her story. Recorded in Polish

Millie and her Nonno Lee

Lee Miller (76) in NYC speaks with his granddaughter Millie (13) who lives in Rome, Italy. He recounts growing up in Brooklyn in the 1950's & 60's, and share stories about his father, her great grandfather fighting in World WarII...

Tom W.

Came from poland, and is now the father of my sisters best friend.

My mother Margaret Krueger talks about the key points in her early life growing up in communist Poland

In this interview conducted in December 2018 in Plano Texas, Conrad Krueger interviews his mother about her childhood living in communist Poland. A lot of it was talked about was during the end of the Cold War, which included what...

Tom Sheridan is interviewed by his son Paul about working on a horse boat to Poland as a teenager, just after WWII.

Paul: 2021-06-07 00:35:28 Tom Sheridan was on of a group of young men who tended the horses on a ship taking them to Poland after WWII.

Thanksgiving Interview

During the interview with my grandfather, we spoke a lot about his childhood along with his engagement in the military and the solidarity movement during the 1980’s. We briefly spoke about his marriage along with his personal interests and hobbies...

Miriam "Merry" Bauch & Katy Abelson

When the war broke out, Merry's father and brother were sent to concentrations camps where they were killed. She was sent to a separate camp from her mother, but managed to find one another later in Zakopane, Poland after the...

My Mom’s Immigration Story

Today I talked to my mom about her childhood and early adult years when she decided to move to America. We talked about how her birth country is different than American and how she got through the change.

Margaret McCaskill and Diane Mack

Diane Mack (74) interviews her friend and mentee Margaret McCaskill [no age given] about her childhood memories, her passions for reading books and writing poetry, and her hopes for the future.

Brigitte Brown, Julie Brown, and Joanna Brown

Brigitte Brown (75) talks about being a child in Germany during World War II. She escaped to Czechoslovakia and then was adopted. Her uncle reunited her with her family after the war, and she escaped to West Germany as a...

Nora Sutz and Rachel Sutz Pienta

Dr. Rachel Sutz Pienta (49) sits down with her mother, Nora Sutz (71), to discuss their family history, to reminisce about their favorite family memories, and to remember family members who have passed away.