Grandma’s Voice

I was 10 when my Grandma came to live with us. This is about her impact on me and my life.

Hello Roy!!

This interview is about my friend – Roy. Everyone has a unique childhood, also including him. We talked about the memory of childhood, change of life, matter of family, etc. Moreover, this interview helped me know more about my friend....

Daughter talks to mother about childhood.

Ziva Sklar, a twelve year old, asks her mother about what her childhood was like when she was 12.

Talkin with Tom

In this interview, my uncle and I discuss many things that have occurred in his life.

Steve Sparr interview #2

Steve is growing up rather quickly and the world is turning faster than ever before. With the help of a special 2nd grade teacher he has skipped ahead in grades and has been exploring his strengths and interests. The 60s...

My mom’s life

My mom had a very interesting childhood. This has made her the woman she is today.

Coming to America: An interview with my mom

This was a interview with my mom and her expericence before and after she came to America. It was located in flushing new york on november 25 2018.


This is my aunt Johan and, she is the best aunt in the world!

My parents stories

My parents and how their life was growing up and how they met each other

Artie Ripp's Childhood and his Place in the Music Industry

“It was very loud, greasy, noisy, and something you wanted to get away from” (0:17-0:27). On January 2nd, 2019 in Valley Village, California, Ari (15) and her grandfather, Artie Ripp, sat down to discuss his circumstances growing up and his...

Take advantage of every opportunity that is given to you, and treasure every moment you have

In this interview conducted on December 1st 2019 in flushing queens, Lucas Moore interviews his father Robert Moore on his childhood. He explains his hardships that he faced in a poor family, and the things he never was able to...

Shahana Jalal and Jeongmi Ahn

Shahana Jalal(14 She/Her/Hers) talks to her classmate, Jeongmi Ahn, also known as Sarah(14 She/Her/Hers) about her viewpoints towards various events in 2020.

Miles McCrimmon and Jay McConville

One Small Step conversation partners Miles McCrimmon (58) and Jay McConville (58) discuss their careers and their concerns about their political parties. Miles speaks about his career in higher education and what he's learned from working in a community college....


Vanessa was born in LA but has been moving around as a little kid , has to gone through board school and not see her mother for a couple of years but she has gone through all her problems and...

“English was a problem for me.”

In this interview, conducted in December 2019 in College Point, New York. Helen Chen(14), interviewed her mother, Xiaofeng Yang(38), about her experiences when coming to America for the very first time. Xiaofeng Yang shares the difficulties that she had faced...

My Dad’s Childhood

I talked to my dad about his experiences growing up as an immigrant in New York.

The Life of Sally Laurilliard

This interview includes information about Sally's life as an English Teacher, parent, and grandmother.

Kenisha Mahajan and Mia Payne

Friends Kenisha Mahajan (15) and Mia Payne (17) talk about immigration, climate change, the importance of youth voices, and their hopes for the future of New York City.

Steve Sparr interview #3

Steve has made his way back to New York with his new partner, Dolores. They set up shop and decide to get married. Two girls follow and the rest is history!

Interview with my Mother

In this interview, I interview my mother about her childhood, family, and memories. She explains how she wants to affect others and be remembered as someone who helped and influenced them to do better. Family has been a major part...