In class interview

Interviewing Gavin , looking at family, spiritual belief, and school

Interview with Grandpop

We talked about his childhood and growing up in the depression. As well as other aspects of his young adult life.

Interview with Mother

My mother's political views over time and her hope for the country.

Extra Credit for APUSH

We talked about life in America was like, family traditions and how we want to be remembered.

Betty Savage shares family and childhood memories.
November 26, 2017 App Interview

In this interview, I interview my grandmother Betty Savage in Raleigh, North Carolina, on November 24, 2017. Betty reflects on her childhood, family, accomplishments, aspirations, hobbies, and lessons she's learned over the years. She discusses her grandmother, cousins, mother, father,...

Allen Hornthal (grandaddy) part 1

Early years, sports, music, and career. (edit: he also was a great swimmer and broke a national record in the jr. olympics in Charlotte for the freestyle relay in 1950 or 1951)

Thanksgiving Oral History

Talking to my good friend, Brandon, about his Thanksgiving traditions

Story of young man in North Carolina

Steve Barilovits is a grad student from North Carolina. He enjoys life, travelling and has good stories about his grandfather and his mother. Steve and I have a strong connection despite being born in 2 different continents and our friendship...

Joys and Nat

We talked our past, family, lessons, and the things we're most proud of. ( sorry if this was a bad summary...)

My mother and I

We talked about what or how was it like raising me.

Chatting w/ Alek

We talked mostly about Alek's life and his passion for arts.

Delia(mother) and Joy(me)

We talked about my mom's childhood and the people who has impacted her in her life.

Rhibi interview

We talked about his personal experiences and life advice

Days in the Life of Melanie Goodwin

What it means to be a woman today and the most important moments in her life. The feelings behind her accomplishments and what her life looks like.

Family journeys

I interviewed my Ant Liz about her childhood and what her life was like growing up

More Than Just My Mom

I asked my mom to talk about the cultural obstacles and all the experiences and hardships she had to go through when she just moved to America.

Karl and Manish

It was a nice breezy afternoon with Karl and Manish, two of my best friends here at NC state. We talked about our childhood, dumbest this we have ever done in our lives! It was quite a nice experience.

My mother’s migration story <3

I interview my mother on her journey to the United States, what she has learned, and why she decided to even come here.