Jessica Potter-Bowers and Dan Potter, on Loving Unconditionally

Jessica Potter-Bowers (36), talks with her father, Dan Potter (71), about how their family struggled through her mom's brain surgery and subsequent recovery, and what it taught them.

Academic advising life

Dr. Mervin Kowalsky is a successful academic advisor at NC State University. This interview shares some of his thoughts as a professor and human being.

Facets of Life from 1940s-2000s, in Knightdale, NC as an African-American Female

Interview on my grandmother’s aspects of life from 1940s through early 2000s, as a young, African-American female.

Mr B’s Life

We talked about life and how it was and how he improved in life

Apush interview with Tutu

A discussion of life in the 1900’s, professional life, and a childhood living through World War II.


My grandma talks about her experience in chapel hill and in getting her job as the President of the American Correctional Association.

Claire Donahue Interview

I am interviewing Olympian Claire Donahue on her experiences in the Olympics and her transition into coaching.

The Beautiful and Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Matthew Bland interviewed by Zian Lane about his thoughts and ideas on the novel, ‘The Beautiful and Damned.”

Family History Project

I interviewed my Grandma about her childhood and our ancestors

The Jain Family Journey

The story of my father and his journey to America from India.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen Assignment

My friend and I were talking about the thanksgiving celebration with family

Speech Interview Project With My Dad

My Dad and I sat down and talked about what it was like for him growing up. Also we talked about his life in a general sense and how it felt for him.

StoryCorp Interview

The interview was about me interviewing my mother and asking her questions about her childhood and as well as adulthood.

Interview with my Grandma about her childhood

Asking my grandmother, Carol Foster, questions about how she perceived America during her childhood

Story of young man in North Carolina

Steve Barilovits is a grad student from North Carolina. He enjoys life, travelling and has good stories about his grandfather and his mother. Steve and I have a strong connection despite being born in 2 different continents and our friendship...

Interview with Mother

My mother's political views over time and her hope for the country.

In class interview

Interviewing Gavin , looking at family, spiritual belief, and school