The Interview

We talked about the important things that happened in the persons life

My Inspiration

This interview was based on the life of the person that has inspired me to do better for my future. In general, why she is the person she is now and what have been her motives to continue living with...

Mother Knows Best

My mom is my rock, my foundation, and well my life of course. Ima sincere momma’s boy and I’m glad I could learn about her and from her. Love you mom.

April Luis & Steven Luis

During this interview we talked about childhood. We also talked about the future.

Heather Chandler Senior Capstone(Ms. Trotter p.2)

I am Heather Chandler and in this interview I interview my father Kenneth Chandler!

Amanda Scott and her mom Carrie Scott talk about growing up and things that are important to them.

In this interview conducted on November 26,2017 in Manhattan Beach, California, Amanda Scott(15) interviews her mom Carrie Scott about life. Carrie talked about how Amanda’s life has affected hers. Carrie is proud of Amanda and thinks many great things of...

My mom’s life

We talked about my moms life growing up, and what her parents lives.

Ivan Cano/Catalina Cano
October 27, 2017 App Interview

I asked about her childhood, and how it was like being a kid. I asked when and why she decided to come to the United States. She explained what her intentions were when she got here, but she never imagined...

English interview

I asked questions about my mothers life and what lessons she learned from her parents.

Story Corp (Mom) 10-22-17

My mother and I talked about her life and all of her advice and love to me.

Hannah Yarbrough and Frank Yarbrough

I interviewed my father on his life as a kid, what he was like, and people he misses that have passed away.

Marissa Serrato and Claudia Serrato

During this interview we talked about my mother’s childhood and how she grew up to be the strongest women I know. We also talked about some advice she would give to her teenage self. We also went over some life...

Abby Sands, Elizabeth Sands

We talked about how we enjoyed living near eachother and then how I was a as a child and how she has influenced me and my life.

Discussion with my dad.

In this discussion I asked asked various questions regarding his youth, professional career, family (memories and values), etc.

Parents generation

The things that were talked about in this interview were my moms generation and how it changed her

Mother and Son

The interview was mostly based on the ways she raised my siblings and I. It also includes things that impacted my mother’s life and our lives.


We spoke about our development with spiritual views threw life experience and phycedelics.

Momma bear Interview

I felt that she played the biggest role in my life and I really felt I could crack her open and find some gold for the future.

Anna Brandt and Michael Small

I interviewed my grandgather Michael Small who is 76 this year. What was spoken about was mostly my grandfathers' life growing up and how different it was compared to today. He is a black smith by trade, something that I...

Shanna Green and Caden Green

In the interview we talked and laughed about memories, family, values, loved ones, and crazy experiences.