My grandma, Cheryl Grashow

I asked my grandma about her life and how she lived it.

Grandpa’s life in Iran and America

Eddie Khachaturian, 86 years old, grandfather of Isabelle Davis, 15 years old. He grew up in Iran, got his first job at 16 working with his father, then permanently moved to America after 10 years of marriage. He brought his...

The Great Listen a History of Life

This is a brief history of how my grandmother went from small town West Virginia to Rochester, New York.

Where It All Began

This is an interview between the 19 year old interviewer, Dylan Morse, and his 76 year old grandmother, Barbara Henry. They discussed her childhood growing up and eventually settling in the city of Canandaigua. They also discussed her children and...

Grandma Kirchner talks about the past.

Born in 1930 to Italian immigrants, Columbia “Phyllis” Kirchner talks about her family, meeting her husband and raising four kids in Rochester, NY.

Me interviewing my parents.

Achieving dreams and following your dreams and believing in yourself and not to have so many regrets.

We should trust in love.

A recollection of a Grandma’s love to the world and advice of her grandson. A story of what love truly means in family and life. The infinite love that connects a family.

Sergei Eliseev interviews his dad Roman Eliseev about growing up in the Soviet Union and life

In this interview on Sunday, November 25, Sergei Eliseev (16) interviews his dad, Roman Eliseev (48), about his life in the Soviet Union. Roman shares his experiences in Soviet schools and his daily life, along with his military service. He...

Brian and Donna

Brian reflects back on his Mom, Donna.

Family history

In this interview, I asked my aunt about her experiences with family members that I did not have the pleasure of meeting. We discussed stories and characteristics they all had and what they carried on to the later generation.

Get to know more about them

Life when my dad was younger what he did and what he’s proud of

Depression Leads to War

Addison K. Groff, a retired minister who was born in 1919 in Rochester, NY, but spent most of his adolescence in Boonsboro, Maryland, is interviewed by his grandson, Edwin Groff on November 25, 2017. He lived through some of the...

Matthew Keegan and Parker Weld

Matthew and his Grandfather talked about voting, ancestors, and imagining life.

Interview of my Grandpa

This interview was conducted November 30th 2021 in Penfield Ny, Givanni Collins(16) interviews his grandfather Gary Ross (67) about his childhood, life, opinion on politics, lessons he has from life and his wishes for Givanni in the future.

Aunt Dot’s story

My Aunt Dot told me a few short things about her life that meant a lot to her

An interview with my mom about her life in Bosnia and experiencing life in America

I interview my mother on her childhood and life in Bosnia and how and why she came to the U.S. to start her new life