The Life of Vietnamese-American Immigrant

An exploration into the life of my mother, a Vietnamese-American immigrant who experienced culture shock when she and her family fled her home to an unfamiliar land.

Edwin interview

Mr Edwin Wilson describes his life during the Vietnam war

Tran Tuong Nhu story share with her son Ky-Nam

Conversation between mother and son, joined midway through by father, touching in her upbringing in Viet-Nam and Europe, how she met her husband, and the most pivotal moment in her life.

My grandfather’s Vietnam experiences

My grandfather’s experience flying transport missions and managing Saigon International Airport during the Vietnam War

Escaping Turmoil in the Chaos of War: The Story of a Vietnamese Immigrant

In this interview done on April 20, 2019, Patricia Tran (20) interviews her mother (60) about her life in Vietnam during the Vietnam War and her journey in fleeing and adapting to the United States and its culture. Thuy Nguyen...

Interview with Grandpa Te (Part 1)

My grandpa, Te Mach, speaks about his medical profession and his early childhood in Vietnam. He has also fought as a drafted soldier and served as an assistant medic in the Vietnam War. He now lives happily in California with...

My Aunt’s Escape Story

I interviewed my aunt about her life before and after the Vietnam War. She told me about the struggles she faced and the hardships she went through to get to America