William Weatherford and Ben Weatherford

Ben Weatherford (43) talks with his dad, William "Bill" Weatherford (83), about Bill's life growing up as an only child in Blackstone, Virginia. Other topics include Bill's military service, which began in high school, as well as how he got...

My grandfather’s Vietnam experiences

My grandfather's experience flying transport missions and managing Saigon International Airport during the Vietnam War

Tran Tuong Nhu story share with her son Ky-Nam

Conversation between mother and son, joined midway through by father, touching in her upbringing in Viet-Nam and Europe, how she met her husband, and the most pivotal moment in her life.

Carl Cole and Mikel Cole

Carl Cole (65) talks with his son Mikel Cole (39) about his grandparents and his parents, his time in the Vietnam War, and the transitions he's had in his life.

Trinh Jones and Tim Jones

Spouses, Trinh Jones (59) and Tim Jones (58), talk about their contrasting childhoods in Saigon, Vietnam and Troy, Missouri, as well as the shared values that bring them together. They also reminisce about their early relationship, raising their two sons,...

Interview with Tiffani Nguyen

We talked about my Mom’s life in Vietnam, her school experience in America, and her career.

Thy Truong and Alice Nguyen

Thy Truong (16) talks to her aunt, Alice Nguyen (61), about her childhood in Vietnam, as opposed to her life after she sought refuge in the United States.

Recording – 09-04-2023 18:30:25

my mom is 45 years old this is my mom This story my mom go city that why I record story

Edwin interview

Mr Edwin Wilson describes his life during the Vietnam war

“Life”during old times…(Diêp Truong’s life)

In this interview, conducted in November 27, 2020, Concord, California. Tram Doan (13) interviews her grandma, Diep Truong (62) about her childhood and throughout her life in our country. Mrs. Truong shares about many things about her hard life times....

My Aunt’s Escape Story

I interviewed my aunt about her life before and after the Vietnam War. She told me about the struggles she faced and the hardships she went through to get to America

The Life of Vietnamese-American Immigrant

An exploration into the life of my mother, a Vietnamese-American immigrant who experienced culture shock when she and her family fled her home to an unfamiliar land.

7th Grade / Geiger / 6th Period

We talked about my dad’s immigration process and feelings when he moved from Saigon, Vietnam to Texas. He talked about what an eye-opening experience it was, and how many different things he learned when he came here.

Interviewing my friend who lives in Vietnam

Nguyễn Phúc Thịnh is one of my friend during 9th grade back when we were in Vietnam. Today, he is willing to share the story about being a teenagers living in Vietnam and how his life was like.

Fred Jones and Rachel Schmidt

Rachel Schmidt (41) sits down with her father, Fred Jones (79), to ask him about his young adult years. Fred shares stories from his time studying at the Georgia Institute of Technology and from his time serving in the U.S....

Theodora Niemeyer and Roger Norgaard

Theodora Niemeyer (82) interviews her friend Roger Norgaard (83) about his childhood, his golfing career, his experience flying helicopters for the U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam War, and the story of how he and Theodora, who were high school...

Escaping Turmoil in the Chaos of War: The Story of a Vietnamese Immigrant

In this interview done on April 20, 2019, Patricia Tran (20) interviews her mother (60) about her life in Vietnam during the Vietnam War and her journey in fleeing and adapting to the United States and its culture. Thuy Nguyen...

Robert Kelley and Jeb Backe

Robert "Sam" Kelley (78) talks to StoryCorps facilitator Jeb Backe (26) about his service in Vietnam. He reflects on the trauma of his war experiences and on reconnecting with the men with whom he served.