The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My Uncle Tovi talks about his family, his past, and what he wants to see in the future.

Interview with Ruth Phillips in San Marcos, Tx on December 1st, 2019.

Faith Phillips interviewed her Grandmother Ruth Phillips on December 1st, 2019. They discussed her life and lessons she had learned. As well as memories of her family when she was a child.

Interview with my cousin javi

In all we really just discussed the way we had thought of ourselves and the way we came to be. Also we through in some things we would regret and how we saw things.

Interviewing Someone of Importance

Today I have decided to interview my sister. We discussed the things she was proud of me for.

My Grandma

My grandma speaks about her past. And the changes from then to now.

Truman “Freddie” Martin – Growing Up On The Farm

Interview of Dr. Fred Martin, DVM, the first in his family to college and stories of growing up on a dairy farm in Texas.

November 30 2019

We talked about my grandmas childhood and life.