Ariana and Mamama

n this interview, conducted on November 25 2018 in Santa Monica, California, Ariana Mousavi (13) interviews her grandma, Lourdes (Lula) Badkoubei about her childhood and growing up in Arequipa, Peru. She had hobbies like hanging out with siblings, camping and...

My Grandmother, Koko

This is an interview with my mom about my grandmother who died when I was a baby.

Samantha Dewig does interview with mother

I learned how my mother was as a child and the things she enjoyed doing and spending her time on. Also how her and my dad were and how they became married and eventually had children which completely changed their...

Markus Hofmann and Rosemary Hofmann

Markus (57) talks with his mother, Rosemary (91) about her life as a musician, teacher, performer, spiritual life connected to Bach, being adopted, WWII, on list to be deported from Germany

Don Clark is interviewed by his granddaughter Anna Liz

Don has given 400 units of blood, won a community service award, spoken to the president, and worked on the space station. He’s pretty cool.

Our Romance

We talked about our first date and our wedding date 17 years later.

Racism is learned

How do you feel about racism coming from a small white country

LaVerne Ross and Robbie Jones

Friends and Santa Monica community members LaVerne Ross (78) and Robbie Jones (62) talk about LaVerne's rich history in Santa Monica as a community activist, prominent and trusted master-cosmetologist, and a spearhead of the Juneteenth celebration in Santa Monica.

How family affects us

Benjamin(15) and Martha (49), son and mother discuss the influence from family relationships

Tamara Wadsworth and her father Kyle Wadsworth talk about family, heritage, and childhood memories

Tamara Wadsworth interviewed her father Kyle Wadsworth in their living room in Santa Monica, CA on November 26, 2017. They discussed topics like family, heritage, childhood memories, and more. Kyle Wadsworth grew up in California with his brother, pets, and...

If money were no object…

What would you want to do if you could choose to do whatever you wanted in the world without having to worry about money.

Growing up as a Hispanic in the American School System

In this interview, I hear my dad's journey of learning to assimilate into the American culture and school system. From struggling with language to racism from peers, my dad explores his version of the American Lifestyle.