jocelyne and noemi

getting to know each other even more than we already do.

Tiffani interviews Alex

This interview is about the childhood school life of Alex which was in Eastern Europe and how he enjoyed one day of "freedom" from the strict environment of his primary school.

Mom’s Story

We talked about life and what really matters. Sometimes its important to know what you want to do in life and how it works.

I jag learning about big brother chris

We don't really have much in out family during Chris generation and he did get called a looooot of names during his time. Great gram a was also very artistic. Find out everything during this interview

Hermit Crab Thief

My Mom (Kelli) who is 50 and myself (Mo) who is 15 discuss the time my mom snuck the class pet Willie the hermit crab into her shirt in attempt to keep it for longer. The hermit crab ended up...


I interviewed Ms.Winkler about 9/11 and got some very interesting facts about this tragic time and event that happen in New York.

Recording – 08-31-2023 11:48:15

Cristian Estrada from Central middle school interviews science teacher Mr Kohnle about his life and couple things.

school assignment 2

school assignment for media and career survay

The Way of the Archeologists

Ethan Gordhamer a freshman in high school intercede Natalie Kornmeyer. she was a past archeologists who told us the secrets of archeology.

Lindsay Frye and Greta Hjerth

Greta and I talk about the time she skipped class and what she learned from it.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen Project

In this interview we talked a lot about core values and how they have shaped my interviewee’s personal life


In this interview i asked my sister questions about memories she had.i also asked her about impacts in her life

Saracini social studies interview

my mother she is 34 years old and we discussed a lot so listen because I don’t feel like explaining because it’s 11:55 at night and I did this last minute because my mom forgot amen