Raising Children

My mother talking about her adopting experience. The life of a mother to a daughter.


In this interview i asked my sister questions about memories she had.i also asked her about impacts in her life

Interview for English with my mom

This interview is private.

We did this for class

Hawaii was cool and fun, don’t wear crocs, and memes.

Lillian Fitzpatrick and her grandma, Cathy Berlant, talk about her childhood.

I conducted this interview in Portland Oregon in my grandmas house on November, 22 2018. My grandma, Cathy Berlant talked about her childhood and shared some funny stories and memories from when she was my age. She also explained about...

Guidance Counselor Mr.Blatus

In this interview we asked are guidance counselor some questions about his past life as a teenager.

jocelyne and noemi

getting to know each other even more than we already do.

Tiffani interviews Alex

This interview is about the childhood school life of Alex which was in Eastern Europe and how he enjoyed one day of "freedom" from the strict environment of his primary school.

School life

In short, Mr.Taariq had a special somebody that help propell him throught his school life.

Project Kennedy

I interviewed my long lifetime friend, asking deep questions about himself and about how we met.

Mom’s Story

We talked about life and what really matters. Sometimes its important to know what you want to do in life and how it works.

My mom and I

I interviewed my mother general questions about her life growing up. We talked about things like her job, figuring out what she wanted to study, and her memories as a kid.

I jag learning about big brother chris

We don't really have much in out family during Chris generation and he did get called a looooot of names during his time. Great gram a was also very artistic. Find out everything during this interview

How to live a good life, w/ Sam Dollyhigh

This interview is with my father and we talk about a lot of things related to parenting and how to live a good child good to be able to take it all into adulthood.

Shaine’s life

This interview was about Shaine’s life like what she went through growing up and how she felt. This is also about memories she had.