Holocaust experience in the Soviet Union

Growing up in the Soviet Union and experiencing world war 2 as a child. Talked about evacuating, experiencing difficulties, and what happened to the people around.

Global Arizona: Stella Saperstein Part 1

In this three-part interview I had the pleasure of interviewing the wonderful Stella Saperstein. We talked everything from her life growing up in the Soviet Union, her passion for music,her journey to the United States, and reconnecting with family.

“If I could do this, I could do anything.”

Cynthia Ferreira and Ronan Smith talk about her experiences as an American student in the USSR during the last days of the Soviet Government.

Fighting Side-by-Side Next to My Twin

Twins Yaroslav and Aleksander Kek were drafted on December 1, 1989 to serve in the Soviet Union army. Sent to the military camp in Uzbekistan, they talk about their experience serving side-by-side.

Russell Person and Ria Williams

One Small Step conversation partners Russell "Russ" Person (62) and Ria Williams (38) talk about the importance of education, the role of government in the social safety net, and diversity in sectors like academia and STEM

Dad’s Navy Interview
December 5, 2017 App Interview

In this interview, conducted in December 4 in Pennsylvania, Faith interviews Gene about his experience in the Cold War. He explains what was going on during the War and what his role in the Navy was. He also explains some...

Boris Mirkin’s Interview

Boris talks about his life in the Soviet Union and his experiences with the people aroun him. Boris contrasts his life in America to his life in Russia and why he believes the world is changing for the better.

Interview with mom

My mom talked about her story about immigrating to the US and facing adversity and learning a new English

Cold War Interview

This is me interviewing my dad on the cold war and how it impacted his life.

lyudmila wolfson: interview part 2

here is part 2 of me speaking with my grandma about her life immigrating from Soviet Russia to America.

My Mother’s Experience Immigrating from Former Soviet Union to Wisconsin

My mother’s struggles with the fall of the Soviet Union and the wars in Georgia. Then the struggles she had with immigration and language barriers. Finally how she overcame them now.

Jaroslaw Piekalkiewicz and Ellen Piekalkiewicz

Ellen Piekalkiewicz (58) interviews her father, Jaroslaw Piekalkiewicz (95), about his experiences as a World War II refugee and a member of the Polish unit of the British Armed Forces. They also talk about their home in Lawrence, Kansas, where...

Abraham Goldbaum, Daniel Stock, and Ruth Goldbaum

Abraham Goldbaum talks to his grandson, Daniel Stock, and daughter, Ruth Goldbaum, about his love of music, life as an activist and traveling with his wife, Etta. Now at 100 years of age, he continues to sing in the rock...

Interview with my mother about experiences growing up in the Soviet Union

I interviewed my mother, who is a Ukrainian immigrant from the Soviet Union. Topics discussed included her experience transitioning to American life and Soviet culture