My grandmother and I talked about the ancestors she knew, her childhood and bring up, how things have changed in America, and how she would like to be remembered and the influence she hopes to leave on people.

Mother and Son

Today December 6th I interviewed Sarah Bianchi. Sarah is my 43 year old Mother who is a hard worker and loves to spend time with family.

John Alexander and Olivia Pedersen

Friends and former colleagues John "Mark" Alexander (52) and Olivia Pedersen (65) discuss teaching, how they became educators, and how learning more about racial equity and justice affected their teaching.

Interviewing my dad about himself and past family.

Mentionings of his parents, traditions, my brother and myself. My dad talking about his abusive parents, and how he went through it 9:00 to 19:45

Life in the Navy with Grandpa Brown

While talking with my grandfather, Terry Brown, I was able to learn more about his life as a young sailor in the Navy.

Talking About The Interesting Life My Mother Has Experienced.

She shared some memories about her sisters and brothers and growing up in Honduras. We talked about our ancestors and her parents and grandparents. She described the overjoyed feeling of her finding out about her pregnancy.She shared a beautiful saying...

AP Spanish Project

victoria told me about her self and what it’s like to live in spain

Susan Alamillo and Maria Wyatt

Colleagues Maria Wyatt (58) and Susan Alamillo (65) share a conversation about their work in the Migrant Education Program in Plant City, Florida.

Starfish project with Teriq and Sofia

Sofia and Teriq discuss differences in life in the United States versus Spain in a class project about empathy and working through difference.

Scott Gomer and Maria Gomer

Scott Gomer (60) talks with his wife, Maria Gomer (56), about life as an Air Force family. Topics include the frequent moves, spending time apart during assignments, and the sense of community the military provides.

Hank Ebert and Maione Carrijo

Hank Ebert (64) interviews his wife Maione Carrijo (58) about her life in Brazil before she married him and moved to Idaho. Maione then interviews Hank about his unique upbringing as the child of diplomats, living in various countries from...

Angelina Rose and Sarah Padgett

Sarah Padgett (25) interviews Angelina Rose [No Age Given] about her experience fighting for her daughter, who was taken away by her biological father to live in Spain at nine years old.

Jean Skeels and Mike Ulen

One Small Step conversation partners Jean Skeels (50) and Mike Ulen (32) talk about tribalism in US politics, the harm done by labeling, and their personal political philosophies and the events and people that helped shape their ideas.

Felipa Erquiaga

Interview of Felipa Erquiaga around 2015. Felipa is of Basque heritage and immigrated to the United States in the early sixties. She describes her early life in Spain's Basque country, her transition to the United States, and her life thereafter.

A Journey from Iran

Special guest talks about hardships of leaving Iran and what helped a long the way. Sometimes you may want to ask a person like this some questions and wonder what you will find out, this interview answers at least a...

Meet the student with international friends

Get to know Madi Tatyrek and hear her story of her trip to Spain. Madi spent three weeks with a host family learning their language, adjusting to their customs and making new friends.

MAHSThanksgivingListen – Samuel Law & Steve Law

My father and I sat down and talked about his time growing up and parenting.

John Ellis and Kara Silva

One Small Step partners John Ellis (43) and Kara Silva (51) discuss their shared love of the mind-expanding view travel provides. They reflect upon their difference religious views but shared sense of the importance of family and connection with other...

Chris Holstine and Eric Holstine

Father and son Eric Holstine (55) and Chris Holstine (18) have a conversation about college plans, past experiences, personal interests, family memories, and their relationship.

Kate Kemper and Martha Kemper

Mother and daughter Martha (60) and Kate Kemper (26) discuss Kate finding out she had a brain tumor, Kate graduating from school as an architect, traveling to Spain, and accessibility.