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first seizure

Danielle 23 years old, best friend talks about her experiences with her seizures.

How I Met my Mother

I, Jill Whitney and 18 years old, interviewed my mother, Brandi Whitney who is 41 years old. We talked about her favorite experiences and how that affected other people. As well as the unnaturalness of Taco Bell.

Interview with Mario Echeverria
December 1, 2022 App Interview

McKensey Echeverria age 19 interviewed Mario Echeverria her father and talked about his immigration from Mexico to the United States

My interview with Donna Kay Chapman (Granny)

Donna Kay Chapman (77) my grandmother, Calton Lamont Chapman SR (70) my grandpa (paternal) my son Lawson Keith Ent (5) in the background and myself Lonnie Cheyenne Ent (24)

How divorce affects a child

Lakota Jarivs is a 18 year old girl who's parents got divorced when she was 4. She talks about how it affected her and how it affected how she views her mom and dad today.