Vickie Silver and Steve Kessel

Vickie Silver: 2020-08-26 21:33:33 Vickie Silver & Steve Kessel discuss the 60s and its influence on Steve's life growing up in St. Petersburg, FL

Interview with Grandma

I talked to my grandma, Valentina, and we talked about her happiest and hardest memories, a person who she’ll always remember and what that person taught her, and what she is proudest of in her life.

Andrew Walker and Mordecai Walker

Andrew Walker (62) shares a conversation with his father, Mordecai Walker (97), about Mordecai’s experiences growing up in Citrus Park, the different athletes he met, running track while in college, boxing in the Army, and meeting his wife.

Bryan Sunnucks and Moe Collins

Bryan Sunnucks (30) and his friend and softball league umpire Moe Collins (59) talk about memories they have of the Tampa Bay Rays over their 20-year franchise, highlighting the Rays 2008 season, game #162, and the many home run and...

My Mother

I interview my mother about her childhood and life in the Soviet Union.

Mark Henderson and Marcel Henderson

Mark Henderson (64) and his, wife Marcel Henderson (54), talk about his life and their family.

Sara Chapman and Chelsey Thomas

Sara Chapman (38) has a conversation with her colleague Chelsey Thomas (24) about her work at Media Burn Archive, her experience learning from the community of filmmakers and audiences in Russia, how connectivity with global networks has changed during the...

“If I could do this, I could do anything.”

Cynthia Ferreira and Ronan Smith talk about her experiences as an American student in the USSR during the last days of the Soviet Government.