Christopher and Dad’s interview

The interview was about my dad’s childhood while growing up with a large family with not a lot of money. It also was about obtaining good knowledge to get a good job to support his family.

Moments with Mommy

I interviewed my mother with some questions about her life and when I was born.

Granny’s past

I learned a lot about Granny childhood. It was very different from mine.

Tihmote Daniel Interview

Tihmote grew up in a refugee camp in Uganda and recently moved to the United States.

Librarian in the Spot light

We talked about Her getting her degree coming up. And how she came about with working with other people,how it went.

Tallahassee Myers interview

Discussion about moving long distances and long childhood

Sam Henry and his mother Leigh Henry discuss her experiences as a young teacher in Florida.

On January 4, 2020, Sam Henry (15) interviewed his mother Leigh Henry (44) about her first year living on her own teaching at a high school in Tallahassee, Florida. Mrs. Henry speaks about what she did directly out of college...

Nikki Bryan

Nikki and I talked about events that have shaped her life, her proudest moments, and her dumbest decision.