Entrevista con Laura Contreras

I interviewed Laura Contreras about her experience coming to the United States from Mexico when she was younger. She discusses some of the challenges she faced when she moved her, and divulges on her life here in Knoxville.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I interviewed my father and we talked about his early childhood in Germany, his education, career, his travels through the world, and the places he lived in. I chose to interview my dad because I find his story very interesting.

Bob Kirk and Ryan Lockhart
November 25, 2017 App Interview

He was raised by his dad and grandmother because his mother died due to complications during birth. She acted as his mother but he was closer to his dad. He was very shy and had a rough childhood. He even...

My Mema

We talked about her whole life story, from before there were televisions, to a nasty divorce, finishing with her accomplishments.

My mom

How my mom won first place every time she was in beauty bagents

Melissa interview

I interviewed Melissa Daniels who is in her mid 30s. She is one of my coworkers in the manufacturing business. We discussed her life and advice she would like to give.

Gage’s Victorian interview

Sandra grew up as a child with many in a poor house hold. She never went to school , however, her great children are all going to college and most being fenale. A true progress.

[No Name Given] [No Name Given] and Somerset Peede

Somerset Peede (21) speaks to her mentor [No Name Given] (60) about how COVID-19 impacted their lives and their community at the Blair School of Music.

Entrevista con Alexa
November 19, 2018 App Interview

This is an interview for my Honors Spanish class. We had to interview an immigrant in East Tennessee about their life in the United States. This is Alexa Maqueo-Toledo's story.

My amazing mom!!

I asked my mom about her child hood, and a little bit about mine.

Interview With My Dad

I focused the interview around my dad’s childhood and his career because those were the two things most mysterious to me. My dad always worked with small classified matters so I never knew what was going on in his life....

Jesse and James

I did an interview on my good friend James for class and this is what he said