Kenisha Mahajan and Mia Payne

Friends Kenisha Mahajan (15) and Mia Payne (17) talk about immigration, climate change, the importance of youth voices, and their hopes for the future of New York City.

Stanley Riley and Adele Riley

Stanley Riley (31) talks with his mother, Adele Riley (59), about how COVID-19 has affected their lives, and why they chose to get vaccinated. They discuss their hopes for the Bronx and the importance of wellness.

Franki’s story

A boy named Mack who has been through a lot finally gets revenge he did not have the heart to do.

A visit with my aunt

I discovered my family history by chance on a visit to Los Angeles. My aunt Linda tells me the history of the Juachon family.

Freeman Shore and Wini Freund

Brother and sister Freeman Shore (82) and Wini Freund [no age given] discuss growing up, their family history, and how they got involved at Central Synagogue.

Noah Brooks talks to Dewain Lanfear about growing up in New York City.

In this interview recorded in Novemer of 2018 in Anderson, South Carolina, Noah Brooks (13) talks to his grandfather, Dewain Lanfear (76), about growing up in New York. We discussed his exstensive sports career and his favorite teachers among other...

Roger Yost and Gail Yost

Husband and wife Roger Yost (71) and Gail Yost (71) talk about their upbringings, the life they have created together, and their upcoming 52nd anniversary,

Julia Barden and Shelli Fowler

One Small Step conversation partners Julia Torres Barden (61) and Shelli Fowler (62) discuss formative moments in their political identities, the precarious nature of the current political moment, and what constitutes an effective strategy for social change.

The sweet boy

Mack is a 16 yr old boy who finally stood up for himself.

Jill Sneider and Joan Bryan

Jill Sneider (70) shares a conversation with her mother, Joan Bryan (94), about Joan’s husband, Jill’s father, their life together, their family, and the values that their family lives by.

La historia de una niña puertorriqueña: Marilyn Vélez.

Cada persona que emigra aquí desde otro lugar tiene una historia que contar. Marilyn Vélez vino a Estados Unidos con su familia para tener una vida mejor. Escuche cómo llego a Estados Unidos y las dificultades que tuvo que enfrontar...

Mia Quezada and Pamela Sinchi

Mia Quezada: 2021-09-24 18:30:41 Mia talking with Pamela about their childhood and experiences during the 2020 pandemic

Kevie's Life

This is an interview about my grandfather's life. This interview includes what he likes to do which is coaching basketball and being a photographer and how that lifestyle has effected him, and why he enjoys doing it.

Peter Rubinstein and Angela Buchdahl

Rabbi Angela Buchdahl (50) and Rabbi Peter Rubinstein (78) discuss their childhoods and their respective paths to becoming rabbis. They describe the roles played by rabbinic mentors along the way and their experiences each serving as Senior Rabbi for Central...

Prathna Sok and Sokhita Sok

Sisters Prathna Sok (32) and Sokhita Sok (28) talk about moving to the United States from Cambodia and their path to becoming vendors at the Queens Night Market. They reflect on their favorite memories of food and their family.

Lucia Pirone and Thomas Pirone

Thomas Pirone talks with his granddaughter Lucia Pirone (17) about growing up during World War II, living through the coronavirus pandemic, and his life.

Jumell Davis and Kemali Green

Jumell Davis (23) is interviewed by Kemali Green (28), CHS staff person, about his childhood in the Bronx and the challenges he faced, including losing his older brother and friends to gun violence.

Silvia Alemañy and Delilah Santamaria

Coworkers Silvia Alemañy (58) and Delilah Santamaria (25) share some of their favorite memories of working at Literacy, Inc. and reflect on the power of reading.