Rachelle Wilson and Sam Sims

One Small Step participants Rachelle Wilson (56) and Sam Sims (47) discuss their upbringings and political beliefs. They talk about the political parties they are registered under, campaign financings, and abortion.

Thanksgiving with my grandmother

Within the interview my grandmother talked about her life, and changes throughout her life.

Hank Hood- How To Find a Bee Tree
September 16, 2022 App Interview

Lilly Foster (19) interviews her grandfather Hank Hood (82) in his home. Hank talks about his parents Alice Mariette Brown and Melville Sidney Hood, discussing what they taught him. He also talks about his great uncle Claire Brown who showed...

The Transition to Happiness
November 23, 2022 App Interview

This story is about my cousin's husband, Evan Velez about his journey from transitioning from female to male. In this story Evan talks about the support system he had, things he learned and things he wants to teach. I knew...

Oliver’s interview

I am Jose Gomez, and I am 16 years old. I interviewed my 15 year old friend, Oliver Casteneda. We talked about his life and the challenges he's faced.

Emma’s 15th birthday
November 30, 2022 App Interview

20 year old, Sabrina interviews her 17 year old niece, Emma. Emma talks about her 15th birthday and talked about the emotions she felt that day.

recording test project – 06-15-2023 12:38:03

Holly Frownfelter(18) and Remi Rosalez(19) who Are friends, went over a wide variety of questions involving Remis past, present, and future.

Story Corps interview

My participant was Karen Scheer. She is my mom and is 58 years old. I asked her questions all about her life, some that I had no idea about.

Mya Curtis- Graduating Early

Mya Curtis describes some of the emotions and the thought process of graduating high school a year early.

Bob Swartwood Interview- June 26, 2023

Anna Shirley interviews Bob Swartwood her Papa. June 26,2023. Listen in to hear about Bob’s life in Western Oklahoma.

story telling interview
September 15, 2023 App Interview

The participants names were Levi stice, and Taryn Zohlman. They are ages 21 and 18 and are longtime friends. They discussed the goals, values, and family/memories.

Reflections of my grandmother on her 89th birthday

My grandmother recounts traveling on the train with her sister by themselves when they were 8 and 9-years-old in the late 1930s; going to college and living in Alberta, Canada; and working at an advertising agency in the 1950s in...

How Helping In Nigeria Impacted my snd others Life

participants: Ruby Ledezma, and Ike Edtumudor. Ages: Ruby 16 and Ike 15. friends, and classmates in the same school. The topics discussed were how helping the people in Nigeria impacted Ike’s like as well as the people there, as well...

Kayla Colon and Becky Colon

Kayla Colon (31) shares a conversation with her mother, Becky Colon (52). Becky remembers her childhood, talks about challenges she has faced, and shares memories of her family.

History Interview

The interview was about the past and how it has affected the future.

Interview with Damon

My brother Damon Rogers, 30 years old. we discussed good and bad memories and things in his life that defined him growing up

TCTA President Interview

Shawna Mott-Wright is a 42 year old woman. she is the TCTA president and she shares about her teacher life.

"Deep down inside I felt like something wasn't normal. And it turns out it wasn't."

Kelly Plunkett speaks with her Nurse-Family Partnership nurse Kyla Pfannenstiel at Children First about her journey to becoming her son's biggest advocate & a confident mom. With Kyla's support, Kelly overcame homelessness relating to domestic violence, and was persistent in...

Norris Streetman and Michael Loman

Michael Loman (51), also known as "Indian Elvis," and his producer, Norris Streetman (65), share a conversation about Michael's upbringing, his Indigenous identity, his experiences in the entertainment industry, his goals, and the wisdom he lives by.