Family, Jesus, and gratefulness

Narrative of Bilal

Bilal is 17 at the time of this interview. He moved from Oman the United States a year and a half before this recording, and he shared many personal experiences from all facets of his life.

Memories from 98 years ago

My great grandma (98), my mom (55), and I (15) have a conversation in my grandma’s living room in Garland, Texas. The date is November 22, 2018. (Thanksgiving day.) Mamaw talked to us about her childhood, her job, her pets,...

Interviewing a firefighter, My brother !!

How life is for a firefighter and what you need to become a firefighter and for better answers i have asked my brother who is a firefighter and even some advice for people looking into becoming one

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My Uncle Tovi talks about his family, his past, and what he wants to see in the future.

Changing the Face of Medicine: A Black Woman’s Journey

I have a conversation about the status of America, the medical field and what’s to come in the following year.

Coming to the USA

My name is Yashica Sharma and my dad is the first person from his family to create a home in the US.

StoryCorps Interview – Daniel Hernandez

An experience with a true crime that left a significant impact on the interviewee’s life

My Uncle Greg

My uncle shared with me that growing up he was pretty goofy. He also shared his journey to become a doctor.

Growing up in the country

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Atoka, Oklahoma, I interviewed my grandma, Dale Payne, about positive memories and her life growing up. She told me about how her and her husband, Larry Payne, came to be. She also...

My grandpas story

We talked about my grandfathers childhood and his parents; grandparents.

Project for World History

An interview with my mother about multiple topics including family, love, and common things.