BLAW 4340

An overview of an ethical dilemma encountered, the outcome, and home it impacted the interviewee.

Blaw Extra Credit

I interviewed my friend Tyler about his work experience and personal questions about his life!

Ethical dilemma that Allen encountered in his life.

I interviewed Allen, my sister’s boyfriend about an ethical dilemma he encountered.

Learning about my family

I learned about family and my Grandma was very helpful with that.

My Uncle Greg

My uncle shared with me that growing up he was pretty goofy. He also shared his journey to become a doctor.

For the Kids, For the Family

My dad had an eventful childhood as a kid but we didn’t really go into that. He is a hardworking man that moved to America from Pakistan even though he had his family there and a set, comfortable life for...

Experiencing an Ethical Dilemma

The interviewee was asked about an ethical dilemma they encountered and how it impacted them/how it was solved.

Interview with a famous person

The questions are too hard so he interviewed me and I thought I was awesome