Nick Najjar and Randy Najjar

Randy Najjar (34) interviews his father Nick Najjar (63) about immigrating from Iraq to the United States, working to support his family, running his own business, and being a father.

Coronavirus impacts 5/23/20

Among the topics discussed were how daily life is like, how technology is utilized in a pandemic and how social relationships are like.

Saba interview

Me, Ethan, age 16, and my grandfather yehuda, age 80+, talk about his childhood up to moving to America.

The Effect the Vietnam War Had on a Young American Man

My name is Curtis Childs I am a 21 year old college student talking with my father Steven Childs who is 67 years old about the effects the Vietnam War had on him as a young man growing up during...

Josefina Sanchez and Lilly Barrett

Colleagues Josefina Sanchez (48) and Lilly Barrett (62) discuss their stories of immigration to the United States, their involvement with the Walworth County Wisconsin Literacy Council, the importance of education in their lives, and the ways they give back to...

Interview With My Older Sister About Career Goals

The importance of career goals are valued the most by many people to keep their life in order. Its beneficial to all individuals and its something that will keep peoples lives in order. #TheGreatListen #TheGreatListenFLHS

Sara Wyffels

Sara Wyffels: 2021-04-14 22:14:38 Sara Wyffels (41), 2021 Arizona Teacher of the Year speaks with her dear friend, colleague and mentor Anne Bender (50) about their experiences as educators.

Immigrating from Ecuador to the USA

I discussed my grandmother’s experience immigrating to America from Ecuador and how it has affected her.

Keoni Turner – Great Thanksgiving Listen Interview

I interviewed my father on his life thus far, and what advice he has to offer. I am grateful I was able to have this conversation with him, and I hope to have more like it in the future.

Living History Project – Jonathan Oh

A short summary about my Korea dad’s life and his experience in moving to America

Open hands with Jana Dickman

Jana Dickman tells some of her essential story after returning to The United States from Indonesia in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Our conversation includes her experience teaching abroad when COVID-19 began, being evacuated from Southeast Asia in Spring...

Lucien Kilonda Fataki and Teguo Djoyum

Lucien Kilonda (35) interviews his friend and colleague Teguo Djoyum (37) about Teguo's work in public health, which focuses on brain health and reducing the stigma of epilepsy, particularly in underserved regions of Africa, and ultimately the United States.

Interview with my Abuelo Rolando

I get to talk to my grandpa Rolnado. I had the chance to talk to him during our Thanksgiving dinner.

First Gulf War 03/24/19

What was talked about was what the First Gulf War was and how it personally affected my father.

Zachary Markwith and Maha Elgenaidi

Colleagues Zachary Markwith (43) and Maha Elgenaidi [no age given] discuss their conversion to Islam, their experiences following 9/11, and the interconnectedness of different religious communities.

Foundations Interview

This interview is an analysis of a biblical conversation between Christian Sears and his aunt, Corliss Carr. The seventeen-year-old college student interrogated his sixty-nine-year-old aunt about various questions revolving around the biblical meanings and applications of happiness. Several of the...

Recording – 12-28-2023 13:56:21

Alice is 16 and my mom is 41 and our relationship is mom and daughter. My mom was a Latvian(Was born when it was still Russia at the time) and this is about her story on her moving to the...

Sidharth Raj asks his father Sunder Raj about his childhood.

The interview took place in Marlboro, New Jersey on November 26, 2017. The participants are Sunder Raj and Sidharth Raj, father and son, respectively. Sunder spoke of his childhood, including his family, school, pets, and what he did for fun.

M. Charisma Williams and Peter Cober

One Small Step conversation partners M. "Charisma" Williams (38) and Peter "Pete" Cober (70) talk about their upbringings, their travel experiences, and their hopes for the future of the United States.