Rosalia Melendez and Karen Melendez

In this interview my mom talks about moving from place to place. Also how her life changed when she moved to the United States. She also talks about her childhood in Mexico.

Think Positive, be positive.

I talk with my mom about her life stories, I was really young when we first came here so I didn't know about what happened back in Nepal and India. We talked about how it was growing up and childhood...

A conversation with Pop

A conversation with my Pop on Thanksgiving 2018

My Mother and I

Because I am going to college soon and have started the application. I wanted to know more about my mothers childhood and what her college experience was like. I also wanted to know how she ended up moving thausands of...

Francis Battista and Cyrus Mejía

Francis Battista (68) talks with his friend and colleague Cyrus Mejía (66) about founding the animal sanctuary Best Friends Animal Society. He talks about the beginnings of the shelter, the ethics it was founded upon, and events that have put...


We are here to talk about her family and freinds

J Killpack – U.S. Navy

Past memories, important people, and experiences and stories from time spent in or out of the Navy

How Desert Storm Made My Dad a Family Man

My dad talks about his life in Maryland and how Desert Storm affected him in the Air force.

Irving Olague and Hannah Arrington Olague

Hannah Arrington Olague (34) interviews her husband, Irving Olague (34), about his earliest memories as an immigrant, connection to DACA, and his journey navigating life before receiving U.S. citizenship. They also talk empathy and hopes for the future.

Interview with James Pedersen

We talked about a basic summary of the lessons that James has learned throughout his life and any distinct memories.

Calioused Hands

The amazing story about a jockey, a soldier, and a father who made it through some of the worst for a wife and four boys.

Mark Ralph MacKay, Brian Reynolds MacKay, and Kathryn Leilanbi MacKay

Siblings Mark Ralph MacKay (65), Brian Reynolds MacKay (73), and Kathryn Leilanbi MacKay (75) come together to remember and honor their father, Dr. Calvin Reynolds MacKay. They also talk about and share childhood memories.

Erica Jackson Green and David Green

Spouses, Erica Jackson Green (48) and David Green (46), share a conversation about their family, the places they have lived, the communities they have found, and how they hope their futures will unfold.

Lisa Mason 10.14.18

We talked about Lisa’s military service, volunteering and our friendship.